Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So Thankful.

Thursday morning we got up bright & early and headed home. I had to work Wednesday night at the 'bucks, so we had to brave the austin to dallas thanksgiving day traffic, but it wasn't too bad and by 11:30 we were at the Allen house. Fortunately we only had 2 real stops on Thanksgiving - unlike marathon day (aka Christmas). I only took pics at the first stop - I dunno, I was tired or something, I just had no energy for pictures the rest of the day... sorry :(

Yep, I ate that. What? It's Thanksgiving! If you've read my blog for a long time you'll remember my love of the turkey leg. below: Full = Happy.

Ryder had some jam time with aunt sarah.

my layered pumpkin cake... it was pretty yummy.

round two:

Playtime with aunt rachel - yes, that's the cowboys on tv - it's Thanksgiving in TX always with the game on.

the cousins... Cooper & Ryder - held by Jade - who was brave enough to pose with the 2 teething babies who were biting on her and each other! The were so sweet though holding each other and playing.

The fam.

So that was stop one. We then went 2 streets over - literally, we walked, and very careful Daniel carried the pumpkin cake to my Grandma's house. We stayed there for a while and then made a little trip over to the Rohde's to see them and little Trapper. (Again sorry for the lack of pictures!) Then we headed back to the Allen house to settle the exhausted little baby boy down and watch the LONGHORNS whoop up on some aggies!!! yep yep!! Funny though, I was watching it in the aggie house and after the Horns scored in the first minute of the game they all seemed to slowly disappear (out of embarrassment?) and leave me alone to watch the victory. Ok, I'll stop. I 'd go on, but the Longhorns have just been booted out of the national championship :(
All in all it was a good thanksgiving. We are SO blessed beyond measure. As I was thinking about the day and all that it means I was overwhelmed with gratefulness. In a year where maybe things in the natural don't seem as prosperous we feel so extremely blessed with God's goodness and faithfulness. The "Noggin" network that Ryder now loves has a special song right now and Daniel & I have found ourselves singing it around the house... (granted this is a moose singing) but he says, "Everyone's together, everyone's so happy, we're thankful that we have so much to share..." We are SO thankful.


Kathy of the HavinsNest said...

Hook 'Em, Horns. And WE WERE ROBBED. Stupid BCS computer.

I absolutely love the family picture with Vana and Tex holding the boys.

And Jade Ashby needs about 4 of those boy babies of her own to play with and hold...

Jordan and Kristie said...

We still have a chance with the BCS! My hubby is a huge college football fan, and he assures me that if OU loses or only wins by a little then it'll be Texas and the winner of Bama Vs Florida, if Florida wins then it'll probably be OU vs Texas in the championship. So there's hope!!