Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Eve

So here goes the first of the Christmas blogs. I have lots of pictures, but not even as many as I'd like. Keeping up with an 8 month old's first Christmas was a task in itself! I spent the week of Christmas with the fam while Daniel stayed back and worked. I got some time to rest, be with my parents and in-laws, shop, shower without a screaming baby(!), etc., & Ryder got some quality grandparent time! On Christmas Eve I spent the day baking and really meant to take some pics of the cranberry white chocolate biscotti - I'd never tried to make biscotti, but they turned out pretty good. So Daniel joined us Christmas Eve just in time to get ready for the first stop. On Christmas Eve we went to Grandmommie's to do Christmas with my mom's family.
The boys- happy Daddy made it and takin' a little nap before it all begins!

Ryder's First Present!

And then he discovered ribbon!

Aunt Robin with Ryder & Luke

Merry Christmas Eve! Ryder's happy with his new winnie the pooh bear & quilt.

Time to go to bed and get ready for SANTA!

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