Sunday, March 22, 2009

another weekend

Friday night we went out to the Rodeo (not to see the Rodeo) to see our friend Todd from Nashville who was there for the day running sound for Kelly Pickler. We got to hang for a little bit before he had to get ready for the show. He got some time to play "daddy" with Ryder - a little practice for when he becomes a daddy in August! I don't think I've actually talked about it on the blog, but Kirsten and I are 5 weeks apart! (How exciting is that!?!) Now if only we were in the same city... ahhh. I'm going to get to go be part of a shower for her in June and our bellies will meet then. :) And our babies will meet as soon after they are born as possible!

Saturday after an extremely long day at work we decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and went to eat by the lake for an early dinner.

Pouty, mad face - he didn't want to wear the glasses or be still on top of the table


Today we had a good, but long day at church, then came home & crashed for a while... off to start another week.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mimi's visit!

Mimi came to visit this week during her Spring Break. We had a great visit and it was so nice to have her here and be taken care of a little! :) She got in Sunday and left yesterday afternoon. She had lots of quality time with Ryder. We took him to story time so she could witness that and she ended up with another baby in her lap! We shopped a little, ate good food, the usual :) Plus, yesterday morning she watched Ryder while I went and got a pedicure & my massage Daniel had given me for V-day! Tuesday we got lunch to go at central market and went to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower center, and while there really weren't a ton of wildflowers in bloom due to the severe drought we've been in it was still a beautiful day and we got some cute pics! (It was also St Patty's day - thus the green we're all wearing!)
Texas bluebonnets!

Didn't know why he was in the flowers, but thought it was funny. (they wouldn't let you actually sit IN the flowers, so this was as close as it got!)

Mimi & Rydie :)

Clapping... he liked these flowers I guess.

And waving...

Good visit. Ryder says, "thanks mimi, come back soon!" :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

12 weeks.

Well, I've made it through the dreaded first tri-mester. The little bambino in my tummy is 12 weeks along now, growing by the minute and about the size of a lime at the moment. Everyone keeps asking how I'm feeling and I keep saying, "TIRED!" I don't remember being this tired with Ryder... but then again I didn't have Ryder to chase after then either! I have been sick off and on and have already had some cravings - but different than with Ryder. With him I could eat olives out of the jar at 8 in the morning (yuk!) but this time I've wanted sour things - like waking up wanting to bite into a lemon - that sort of thing! I have wanted hamburgers and Shake's chocolate malts but have a only given in a couple times! :) And have actually been craving more fruits and veggies than before. I've sworn I will not gain 65 pounds this time!!! There I said it out loud - you are all my witnesses!

I went to the Dr. last week and the heartbeat was a strong 156 and my blood pressure was down (yay!). And some how I'd managed to lose 5 lbs in the past month. Although I told them I thought their scale was WRONG.

8 more weeks and we'll find out if we continue with blue or switch to pink...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cap'n Jack

I don't know if I should say, "This is why I should have a girl this time!" or, "This is why I should not have a girl!?!" This was last week one day and he kept grabbing at my scarf so I finally just put it on him - and apparently he liked it! He kinda looks like a scary cross between a clip for the show "Toddler & Tiaras" and a baby version of Jack Sparrow!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Week End.

This week has been busy again, I really do not know where the days go. I blink & it's Friday! We try to go to story time at the library a couple days a week and this week Ryder was REALLY into it! During music time he stood in the middle and drummed on the big mat. Then he cried when Ms. Jane put the toys up & crawled after her into the closet. She scooped him up and he smiled and I said, "Ryder, can you give Ms. Jane a hug?" He leaned over on her shoulder, hugged her and smiled! Then sat up and waved "bye-bye!" So sweet! We also joined a playgroup his age this week with MOMS club and he had a fun time. Should be good now that he is getting SO active!!

Grammy & Grandpa came down last night to spend the night and day today with us. Ryder was happy to see them and have an audience as usually! We went to dinner and hung out last night. This morning they played & played while I worked a little while... and then everyone fell asleep...

This afternoon we headed out to Hula Hut on Lake Austin.

And our friend Sarah from Nashville was visiting her family in Houston and decided to drive over and meet us today to hang out for a bit! As soon as Sarah walked up and greeted Ryder he reached out and basically lunged into her arms! :)

It was great to see her and catch up!

Grammy & Grandpa hung out with us and got Ryder ready ready for an early bed time after a long day and then they headed out. Now... time to SPRING forward everyone! Off to bed myself, nighty night.