Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Daddy Adventure

Last Saturday Daniel was on Daddy duty while I had lots of Perfectly Paisley stuff to get done.  It was a beautiful day and they decided to go on an 'adventure!'  They headed out to Lago Vista - somewhere in the Hill Country.  I don't really know what they did except that they went on a hike, explored, ate lunch, got energy out, and came back all in one piece with some cute pictures!  ;)
 Oh and don't forget the rocks.  She wanted this one...
 But they both ended up with their "pizza rocks"
 Oh. My. Goodness.  Can you say heartbreaker???
 And then there's this little sweet thing!
They are growing and changing so fast these days.  Ages 2 & 3 is running this mama ragged, but they are fun for sure.  Love them to pieces!  

Our Little Gymnast

Paisley started her first gymnastic class at the Y a couple weeks ago.  She was SO excited when I told her she was going to get to go to a class in THAT room!  It's really just fun, but has a little of structure. They do stretches, games, obstacle courses, etc.  And let's be honest... it's just CUTE!  These pics are from her first day...
Ready & waiting.
It's really fun.  And I was actually surprised at how quick she got the hang of things.  She's itty, so maybe we'll just use that to her advantage if she likes this!  And she got the little gymnast run down...
 I haven't posted a video in a while, this was from my phone, so we'll see if this works:

Monday, January 2, 2012


Christmas 2011
Here goes...
Christmas Eve we went to a service at my parent's church before heading to my Grandmommie's.  
Mimi & Paisley
When we got home we set things up for Santa...
(I painted this plate to use each year at a local ceramic place) :)
Ryder counting the cookies very carefully!
They finally went to sleep... and SANTA CAME!
Early in the morning Ryder was READY TO GO!  (Paisley not so much.)
His look here is priceless...
Waking up and digging in.


 My cute little gift!
The aftermath...
 Then off to Grammy & Grandpa's!

 Dress up clothes!
And their CAPES, handmade with lots of Love by Grammy :)
Lunch with Grandma & Grandpa Williams
Off to the next stops...
 Grandma West's house
Last stop Nana's house.  Just in time to be Mary & Joseph.  :)
Playing with new CARS!
On Monday we continued the fun at Aunt Karen & Uncle Mike's.  The kids were on overload by then... and crazy!
Landon, Ryder, Cooper
Paisley sporting her new cowgirl vest Aunt Karen made!
Aunt Sarah demonstrating the Dragon tails Grammy made for all the kids!
 And the kids...
That's probably the best way to end.  That sums it up- fun & crazy.  :) 
We are so blessed.  Lots of family and lots of fun.  What are great Christmas.