Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Beck Family Christmas

There's not too many of us with the name "Beck" anymore, but that's where it all came from. I call it Grandma's family Christmas. :) Saturday morning Ryder and I rode in with Rachel who'd come to visit for a couple days. It worked out perfect for us to come back with her just in time to make it to the Christmas party. Since I was a little girl this has always been one of my most favorite Christmas celebrations. Probably because I grew up with 2 cousins my same age and we used to always do this on Christmas Eve. One of the uncles would dress up as Santa and MommaBeck & DaddyBeck would sit around and watch ALL the kids, grandkids, and great-grandkids, and me & Chad would talk about how early we were gonna get up the next day and what we thought each other might get from Santa. Over the years the families have changed... some have left us and are celebrating Christmas with Jesus and some new ones have been added! This year in particular I find it kinda neat that the 3 of us cousins that grew up together - me, Chad & Amanda have all had babies this year! And here they are!!! Below: Morgan 7mths, Trapper 5mths, Ryder 8mths.

Ryder finally met his cousin Taylor

posing with Chad

Mimi time

my beautiful cousins...

buddies! Ry-Ry and Trapp!

worn out!

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becallen said...

The cousins are beautiful....both generations...and what a blessing to be together at Christmastime.