Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dallas Baby Shower!

This past weekend I headed home again for the baby shower there! I got in Friday afternoon and got my nails done with my mom and then had some dinner & shopping & coffee time with the girls.

The shower was Saturday and it was wonderful! There were so many friends & family there and we got SO much adorable stuff and the much needed stuff too!

The cake! SO cute...

Me & my mommie :)

The Hostesses... Aunt Debbie, Rachel, Michelle, me, Katey, Aunt Betsy

Me & ALL my pregnant glory! ha! Getting ready to attack the mound of presents!

The girls managing the presents and hurrying me along! :) And Michelle my present sidekick!

The LOOT! (And this is minus the big gifts! - Swing, strollers, carseat, pack n play!)

Me & the girls

The grand-mommas-to-be...
(they can't decide what that wanna be called yet!)

The Great-grand-mommas-to-be

The auntie-to-be

(We're pretending the other auntie, Rachel is there too!)

Everything was amazing! Thanks ladies! :)

Saturday night I had dinner with my parents and show & tell for my Dad with all the goodies. Sunday I went to church with them and was coaxed into singing at the last minute. I told my Daddy he owed me big time - not so much for the singing at the last minute (I'm used to that!) but for making me put my now very ILL-FITTING boots on again. (I was thinking I'd just slip in the back in my flip-flops and go unnoticed!) Sunday afternoon I headed back to Austin and had show & tell for Daniel... and much of the stuff is still sitting here in the middle of the living room floor actually! But I have had fun washing all the little tiny clothes and putting everything away and organizing! It all seems a lot more REAL now!

And over the weekend the first baby in the 2008 line-up made his appearance a little early: Tyler Nolan Burnett was born early Saturday morning!!! Although he's had a rough little start he's doing well now and it looks as though he may get to go home with mommy & daddy tomorrow... keep him in your prayers!

Lastly, I have to mention we DID watch the Oscars Sunday night and even had a little camp-out in the floor with some finger-foods and I know I've oscar-blogged for the past few years, BUT this year I have failed you all!!! BUT... in short I thought they were overall boring (yes, even the fashion) and not very blog-worthy :(

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Family Weekend...

This weekend we had all kinds of Family festivities in Dallas. We drove in Friday night after Daniel got off work. Saturday morning there was a baby shower for Amanda, Daniel's cousin's wife. She's the first in the Baby marathon of 2008 lineup! (As of now there are 7 in our close circle of family/friends.) Wanna add to that? Anyone?

Saturday night we celebrated Nana & Papa's 50th Anniversary. We all went to dinner and then back to the Allen's for cake.

Nana & Papa also sat and shared how they met and fell in love and the things they went through. It was really, really sweet and a good reminder for the rest of us.

Sunday we had lunch for Grandpa Williams Birthday and then hit the road back to Austin. It was a good weekend, packed with family time! It really is a nice change to actually be able to be there for family events!

More baby updates coming soon: The room is painted, the furniture is stained, the bassinet is together, the bedding is being made & he's kicking and squirming like CRAZY and he may have a new name now! Ha! 33 weeks - Whew!
I go back to Dallas on Friday for the Baby Shower there!!! So excited...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Daniel!

Friday was Daniel's 25th Birthday. Yep, I know, finally 25! :) Daniel didn't really wanna do anything special, but his parents did come down and we went to dinner at Pappasitos for some yummy fajitas! Then we came back to the house for some b-day cake...

In other news it's February and we had to break down and turn the air on tonight. It was 80 degrees today - yuk!
I am 31 weeks now and feeling Oh SO Preggers. I had 2 people this weekend ask when I was due and when I responded with the first week of April they were shocked and basically said I was huge. Ok, well maybe not, but close. I thought both of them should have just stopped talking! :) One of them said "How BIG is it gonna be?" Daniel's mom and I decided I should just say in a couple weeks when people ask 'when's the big day?' I am feeling a sense of urgency to get things done though. We finally got scheduled to get in an over-booked child birth class and this weekend we're painting the, fun, fun.

Daddy Day Care...

I just had to share this hilarious pre-parenting moment we had while going through shower presents after I got back this week. Kirsten bought us this baby carrier (like a baby bjorn). Daniel is excited about this as he sees himself carrying the baby boy around on his back while running sound and such. SO... we pulled it out of the box and the straps were going every which way and looked nothing like the picture on the box, especially with the lack of baby, so we had to improvise... and I had the perfect candidate (don't worry we thought of Rocky, but he was way too wiggly & hairy)...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Nashville Baby Shower!

Last weekend I went to Nashville for a BABY SHOWER... the first. It was so fun, exciting, sweet, amazing, and I just felt really overwhelmed in the best way! It's just hard to believe how much love this baby already has and he's not even here yet. The whole weekend was great. I got lots of girl time with the friends. I ate my favorite nashville food, shopped, got my hair done, got my nails done, relaxed and caught up with everyone. The shower was hosted by Kirsten, Erin & Heather and it was at Heather & Robert's. So many sweet friends came and we got lots of great stuff for baby boy!

Me & the hostesses with the mostesses...

Everyone chatting and eating yummy food...

Lots of CUTE presents!

The Spring Hill ladies...

The 4 Preggers: in order- Kara due July 8th, Amanda due June 11th, Heather due May 25th, Me (looking like I'm due next week! JK!) due April 8th

The shower was so great and the whole weekend was wonderful. I definitely left feeling very loved and VERY blessed!