Sunday, April 20, 2008

Splish, Splash... he doesn't like his bath!

This week was really our first week on our own after all the help & company the past week. And although things were really overwhelming at times we made it and either it's getting easier or we're just learning how to cope on this amount of sleep & delirium!

Yesterday Mimi (my mom) called and said she was coming for the day while Poppi was at the guitar show... she just couldn't take not seeing Ryder another week! So we got Ryder out to do a little shopping and moving around. With the exception of a MAJOR spit up in Macy's we made it through the day out pretty well! (I'm talking we had to change the clothes & clean up the new car seat kind of spit up!) :) Last night we decided it was time for the first big BATH! I had a feeling it was gonna go a little like this...

Not so happy to begin with.

A little more unhappy in the water.


"Hey, what did I do to deserve this anyway?"

It got a little better...

And then we took him out...

But Mimi got him calmed down again eventually

Hopefully bath time will go better next time!

Girls Visit

Well, I haven't been as good about BABY Blogging as I'd hoped these past couple weeks, but I think we're still just running in survival mode as of now! I think I'll be better and maybe even more annoying with baby blogs as things settle in and become a little easier.

Last weekend Michelle, Rachel & Katey drove down to meet Ryder. He loved them of course. They cooked and helped out and got mommy out of the house for a few minutes (although that left Daddy with a screaming baby!!) We had a great time, but it was definitely a different "girls" weekend with a newborn! :)

Friday, April 11, 2008

One Week Later.

It's now been one week since Mr. Ryder entered the world... or should I say shook up OUR world!?! Things have been crazy and stressful at times, but overall very good. We have had several mostly sleepless nights, but help to get us through. We came home from the hospital Saturday afternoon, we were given the choice to stay through Sunday, but I was ready to get home! My parents stayed for the weekend and then my mom stayed till Tuesday and then Daniel's mom came down Wednesday through today. And tonight Michelle, Rachel & Katey are coming down. So we've been very blessed with lots of help. Ryder had his first pediatricians appointment this week and is doing very well and we had our first outing yesterday to Starbucks and Target, of course. I'm doing pretty well, still recovering a little, but feeling much better and Daniel is hanging in there through a tough week of working on little sleep! Here are some pictures to update the week...

Getting ready to go home.

Ryder, meet your doggy-brother, Rocky.

Mimi & Poppi are proud, ya think?

A little sibling rivalry starting here. I was trying to take Ryder's picture and Rocky jumped right up on the couch in front of him to get HIS picture taken instead!

Happy in his swing.

Look how CUTE he is!!!

Sleeps all day... up all night...

Friday, April 4, 2008

Welcome to the WORLD!

He's Here!!!

Ryder Marcus Allen
April 3rd, 5:21pm

8 pounds 2 ounces, 21 inches

Here's the short & mainly condensed version... We went in Wednesday night to begin the induction process. My water broke at 6 am Thursday morning, as the day progressed so did my body, but not to the extent that was needed and by 4pm it was determined, for various reasons including size, position and time a C-section was the best option. So as my Dr. said, we got ready for a birthday party. The surgery was quick and smooth as prayed for and everything went perfectly. Even to the point of my doctor discovering and removing some endometriosis on both ovaries that my have resulted in a delayed pregnancy this time and could have prevented or delayed pregnancy in the future... praise God, His ways our better than ours! Our precious, perfect little baby boy was born right after 5pm. His name is Ryder Marcus- middle name is my Daddy's middle name. He is healthy, sweet, calm & feeding well. I am still in the hospital and will go home tomorrow afternoon or Sunday morning. Thank you all so much for your love & prayers. Here are some pictures, plenty more to follow!!!!!

Getting ready for baby...after a long day of contractions and waiting...

Sarah helping her brother get all decked out to be a daddy!

He made it & Mommy gets a quick first glimpse.

He doesn't look so happy to be here at this point!

Better now. Little burrito.

Mimi & Poppi... so excited!

Grammy and Ryder

Ryder with Grandpa & auntie Sarah

Such a sweet Daddy he is...

Tired mommy, but a little better today...
(NO pics of me post-surgery yesterday!)

We are SO in love...