Thursday, April 23, 2009

Into Everything!

Little Mister is into EVERYTHING these days. And fast as can be. Yesterday morning he was crawling away from me toward the bedroom and I said, "Ryder, Come back! Now!" And I heard his little legs go into super speed the opposite direction. As I went after him he crawled into my bedroom and slamed the door behind him and then I heard this tiny little high pitch laugh from the other side of the door!!! I open the door and he's standing there laughing... how can I get mad?!?

Then last night he had a nice fall and banged his head into the pointy corner of one of his wooden chairs. I, of course freaked out, it swelled up immediately and Daniel had to tell me to calm down. While I'm all worked up Daniel tries to put ice on it and Ryder starts laughing... guess he was fine! :) This fall was caused because he saw me eating something and basically lunged towards it!

So to round things out this morning I went into the other room to brush my teeth. I could hear him playing with his toys the whole time, I come back in a couple minutes later and find him sitting on the fire place with his hand in the fireplace with hand-fulls of stuff all over him. I gasped and then
thought, oh well I might as well grab the camera! So here he is (knowing he's in trouble) trying to get away from his mess...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Weekend

This was Ryder's 1st Easter! (Last year Easter was earlier and he was in my belly... and ready to pop!) Friday the moms club I'm in had an Easter egg hunt at a park. Ryder got the hang of it pretty quick and in a few minutes he was putting eggs in his bucket, then taking them out and putting them back in, etc. :)

He had fun and really just liked crawling around on the ground and chewing on the bright eggs!

Friday night Daniel & I had a much needed date night! I surprised Daniel - when he got home from work I told him that I'd gotten a babysitter & that we had dinner reservations. We went to a steak place downtown that we'd had a gift certificate for- Austin Land & Cattle. It was one of the best steaks I've ever had, very good dinner! And afterwards we sat & had coffee at Spider House. Was a good night and Ryder did great with the babysitter, yay!

This morning we got up early to start our long morning at church. Ryder always looks at us like, "Are you kidding me?" when we wake him up early on Sundays! The egg hunt at church got rained out (although it turned out to be a beautiful day). While leaving the nursery I was holding a basket that had a "peep" in it and all of the sudden Ryder just reached down, grabbed it and stuffed the whole thing in his mouth! We all died laughing and promptly grabbed the camera -and my tide to go stick to get the yellow sugar stain out!

After church we went to lunch at Z Tejas and took a few pics outside while we were there.

Easter was good. Worship was great, and...
"It is written, Christ is RISEN. Jesus, you are Lord of all!"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's a ...

MYSTERY still! :) I talked the nurse into a little impromptu sonogram today to just take a little look-see and try to tell what "IT" is... but no luck. Sweet thang would not oblige us. Its head was up near my belly button and its bottom was curled up down bottom with its legs crossed. We got some good profile pictures though. Its hand was up by the face and my Dr commented that in one of the shots it had "Angelina Jolie lips!" We will find out the sex 4 weeks from Friday when they do the big 20 week ultrasound.

Monday, April 6, 2009

1st Birthday Party!

Here goes the Birthday blog! Sorry, it took a couple days to recover and then get the pics together! :) Click on the pics if you wanna see them bigger - there were so many some are little!

Here's the little monkey just taking it all in (he was a bit overwhelmed)!

party hats!

Bouncy time... Ryder was in general not so sure about the whole bouncy thing! He only got in it this once with Trapper.

But the rest of them enjoyed it!

A silly smile from Poppy & Rydie :)

practicing walking with Aunt Rachel - she's "training" him - workin' on that core!

chillin with mommy :)

Grammy hugs

Cake time! We were all watching & waiting for him to TEAR into the cake, but it never happened. He was so polite about it. He kept looking at me like, "really? I can do that?" And then he wanted a spoon... oh well, I guess I get what I've worked for! And he was a little scared to begin with when everyone was singing to him:

he said "mmm, mmm!"

uhhhh... so full.

LOVE these pictures... (courtesy of Brandy- as well as the ones at the bottom!)

Aunt Rachie got a big smile out of him!

Our first belly pics - 15 weeks! Me & Morgan are due a day apart!!!

Presents! :)

Taking a break with Mimi to calm down.

Ok - back at it!

On his new car! Check out the haul he made behind him!

And, in the words of Berenstain Bears, he'd had, "Too Much Birthday!"
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I didn't even get as many pics as I'd wanted... like of all the sweet grandparents and the cousins & friends that all came, the yummy cook-out food, etc! There were about 30 people at one point! It was a great day and we were once again so blessed by the all family & friends who love this little guy so much!