Thursday, May 27, 2010

Sprouting up!

So baby girl has finally decided to eat. And today I found something she would really eat. I have a bad feeling she's gonna be a little "foodie" like her momma ;) What she decided she would eat was a new baby food I found, called Sprout that comes in these little squashy packs. Created by chef Tyler Florence. It's all organic and some really different blends. This was roasted apples and blueberries and she went AFTER it!

Mmmmm. Anything else in there?!?

And Ryder, being a ham while watching and eating his own lunch!

On a side note we joined the Y this week and Ryder LOVES it! When I went to get my shoes yesterday he decided to get ready too.

With MY other shoes that he went and got our of my closet. :)

"Nigh - Night"

Several nights of the week Daniel does the nightly routine with the kiddos by himself. He's got it down pretty good too I must add. They have baths, read, pray, etc... Even when I'm home for bedtime I think Ryder prefers Daddy at "nigh - night" time :) This was last week one night when we were all here together at night time.
Jammie time!

Loves to read.

Nigh - Night!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


That would be how Ryder says, "water!" And yes, he says it a lot. Yesterday was our first water outing of the season. We met up with some Moms Club friends at the new section of the Domain where there is a big fountain and a yogurt shop (again, Ryder says, "ice ceeeeeam!") Ryder wasn't so sure at first... just like last year.
Scoping things out & watching his friends:

AND - he got wet. He did this for about 3 seconds, then followed with laughing & screaming!

And running & screaming.

And jumping... & screaming.

Sister sat like a big girl in the front of the stroller and watched & laughed.

One of his most favorite faces these days:

It was a fun morning and a good way to kick off the season of water ahead, many days like these to follow! And even better, he slept hard all afternoon. ;)

8 Months!

Paisley is 8 months old today! The little stinker is now into everything!! She started crawling just over a week ago and once she got it she was off. She will crawl across the room in seconds now. It sounds as if she is saying "Dada," (kinda). She is eating a little bit more baby food, but not much. She's still very go with the flow when we are out and about, but is definitely starting to exert her will in other areas! :) She just stared really playing with brother too - it's crazy what a disaster they can create in mere minutes! Yesterday afternoon they were both in the floor in his room while I put up laundry. I left the room to put some clothes up and came back to her little happy mess...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Congrats to Sarah!

We headed back to Dallas again this past weekend for a quick trip. This time for Sarah, Daniel's sister's graduation from DBU. The graduation was Friday morning, so my Daddy {aka the Poppysitter} got to spend the whole day {alone} with the kiddos... he's a champ!
Here she comes... first one in!

Sarah & the proud parents :)

And the Grands.


Big Brother.

After the graduation Daniel & I called to check on the kids and they seemed to be perfectly fine, so we went and had a little time out to ourselves. We had a relaxing lunch at PF Changs, went to Borders, and even had yogurt at PINKBERRY (coming to Austin this summer FYI). Yum!!

It was a nice little break. The kids had fun with Poppy, so much fun that they didn't want to sleep. In the whole 7 hours Paisley slept about 30 minutes! haha.
That night we celebrated Sarah & Brooke's graduation with a fiesta with the whole family. Saturday I got a little sewing lesson from my mom... more on that later and even got a much needed time to catch up with my girls for a long leisurely dinner! It was a good little weekend and we were glad to be able to be there to celebrate Sarah's acheivement. She has been accepted to the NYU grad school of Journalism. She's still deciding & praying about it all- it's a huge thing even to be accepted there! No matter what, there are great things ahead!

Congrats, Sarah. We love you!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Brotherly Love

I am happy to report that Ryder is finally slightly interested in his sister. Maybe it's because she's starting to move (and take his toys). None the less he finally pays her a bit of attention and fondly refers to her as, "PayPay." He tells me when she goes, "Night Night," loves to go in and get her in the morning and after naps and gives her the pacifier and toys he's not interested in of course. He loves to hug sister...

BUT, he has no idea how hard he hugs and doesn't quite understand he can not pounce on her like he does his Daddy! :) I came out of the kitchen to find this.

She laughs through it all though and thinks he is the best thing ever!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day!

We went to spend the Mother's Day weekend with family. Saturday I was honored to sing at the Mother/Daughter Luncheon at my parents church. I got to do a full little set of songs, which I have not done in a long time. It went well and was nice to have all the women together. We had a big group! Daniel's grandmothers, my grandmothers and even Aunts.
Starting from the left: Grandma Williams, Grandma West, Becky (Daniel's mom), Nana, Grandmommie, Aunt Sissy, Monica (my mom), Aunt Paula - holding Paisley, me, Robin

Me and my sweet baby girl and my sweet mother

Sunday for Mother's Day we had lunch at Daniel's parents with lots of family!

Brandy & Paisley

4 generations of women with Grandma Williams - Jade, Sarah, Karen, Becky, Rachel, Me w/Paisley, Grandma, Brandy

Daddy & his girl!

Ryder had a very exciting day with all his cousins!

Me & my daddy and my girl.
Best mother's day gift this year... a sweet baby girl.

And our attempt at a family picture. again.

It was a good Mother's Day. Glad we were able to spend the weekend with our Mothers and Grandmothers. So blessed to have them ALL in our lives.
Mimi & Grammy with their babes!!!

Proverbs 31:25
"...she is clothed with strength & dignity and can laugh at {look forward to} the days to come..."

Happy Mother's Day!

Catching up...

I know, I am VERY behind. Life has been b.u.s.y. The past couple weeks it seems to have just been one thing after another. Paisley had 2 ear infections in 2 weeks, but we went back for a check up today and all is clear! Her main goal these days is to CATCH UP with brother! This was a couple weeks ago when she first started sitting herself up on her own. This is what greeted me first thing in the morning:

And Ryder decided he needed to get in and say good morning in her crib with her!

And brother helping try to get her to eat in his high chair!

And this is what I found Friday when I went in to get her up from her nap...

trying to escape??

And while I was packing for the weekend I left the room and came back to find this... where's baby?!?

There she is! Under the bed playing with the boxes.

And yesterday she started crawling! (Pics and video to come!) She's been up on all fours a lot recently, and even moving backwards on all fours, but yesterday she took a few moves forward and more today. She's on the move!!!