Thursday, January 29, 2009

Ryder plays piano

Like I said in the last post, this was not set up! This weekend he just started pulling up on the piano and playing randomly throughout the day. I probably took 6 video clips of him doing it today!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Weekend updates...

I realize it is Wednesday already... ahh. Where does the week go?!? We had a good weekend though and I can't forget to mention it! :) I didn't take many pictures, but my parents came down for my mom to attend a conference for school. They came down Thursday so we had part of the day Friday before she had to head over to the conference. We just relaxed, took a walk and got pedicures (well, my daddy & Ryder didn't - they just walked around) :) Friday night Daniel and I had a DATE night! :) We left Poppy at home with Ryder! We went to dinner and went to see Slumdog Millionaire. I have to mention it because it was a VERY good film. We decided it was a lot more "gritty" than we thought it would be, but it gives true insight into the life growing up in the slums and is just a really good movie. So we had a good, much needed night to ourselves! Saturday I worked, Poppy hung with Ryder again and got my mom from her conference and we had dinner at the house... I made a yummy Asian meal from my newest RR cookbook! (ginger flank steak, wasabi smashed potatoes, soy/sesame green beans)!!! Yummo. :) Sunday we did the normal church stuff and they headed out after lunch. This weekend also started this... I promise we did not set this up, he started climbing up and playing all by himself... video to follow.

Chillaxin' with Daddy.

Last week one day Daniel got home a little early from work and "mommy needed a time out." So Daniel took Ryder outside in the beautiful 80 degree January weather and I just couldn't resist as I was sitting at the desk watching out the window...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

learning to feed himself

So I've realized I need to give up control over keeping eating time "neat" and let Ryder learn to feed himself. So this week I've started letting him *HELP*. Here he is attacking the bananas.

At this point... "Ok, I'm about done with this, can you just feed me the rest or what?!?"

look at my little boy... he doesn't look like a baby any more!

Inauguration Day

Ryder has been reading up for Inauguration Day! I PROMISE I did not set up this picture. Ryder pulls all the books off the shelf and this was actually back in December, but I thought it would be appropriate to share it today! Regardless of who you voted for... THIS is funny.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Little RockStar!

Daniel took these pics one night this week while I was at work... think he has a future? :)

Monday, January 12, 2009

playing catch up...

Since ringing in the new year we've been playing catch up. Let's see, we've battled a random virus from which Ryder had a 103 fever for 4 days and I got a fever and had to miss work. Then I got pink eye!?! what??? Plus on top of that I'm pretty sure Ryder's top teeth are really trying to break through and he's become Mr. McClingy! He LOVES "mamamama." Which most times is kind of endearing, but not so much when he's crawling around the house after me all day screaming my name! Or throwing an all out FIT when I leave for work or standing on me while trying to make dinner...

And this is what Christmas had done to my house! :)

He's so stressed because he can't even figure out what to play with!

But he LOVES playing with his new music table & drum!

And a little storytime with Daddy last night while Mommy watched the Golden Globes! :)

Saturday, January 3, 2009


9 months old today! He's been with us as just as long as he was in my tummy!
Things he's up to now:
*20.5 pounds!
*crawling - EVERYWHERE.
*standing holding on to things
*walking while holding onto things (the couch, chairs, you, etc.)
*jabbering!!! Says "Mama" and what sometimes sounds like "Dada"
*Plays peek-a-boo with various cloths/blankets
*laughs a lot
*loves to drum, "read" his books, and make "calls" on his new phone and tries to play with Rocky - who is now slightly afraid of this fast growing little being.
*still has 2 little bottom teeth, but it seems the top 2 are on their way SOON.
*eats anything you put near his mouth! (seriously he has yet to turn anything away) he loves avocados & bananas, but has tried a lot and just started to eat some small table food like cheerios, pasta, yogurt, crackers, veggies & cheese
*is very social and VERY active and always ready to GO!

Friday, January 2, 2009

girl time.

Friday us girls met for a little post Christmas lunch together to chat & catch up. We had a yummy lunch at Gloria's and then some coffee where we were entertained by little Hayden!

me & rach

michelle & katey

Hayden & auntie Beth :)

playing with the new camera features!

michelle & me

So back in Austin.... Sunday BRIDGETTE came to visit. She was in Dallas visiting her mom and decided to drive on down and spend a night with us.

I hadn't seen her since February so she'd never met Ryder (except in my tummy!) He loved her of course. She asked him if he thought she looked like his mommy. (We always say we're long lost sisters!!)

Bridgette brought her little doggers and rocky thought he'd met the girl of his dreams, but it didn't really turn out that way!

Ryder- resting with some of his Christmas presents. The big puppy from Grammy & Grandpa and the "Brobbee" doll that I searched hard for!

Unfortunately Ryder & I both started feeling sick on Sunday and he had a temp of 103 for the next few days! Bridgette had to spend Monday at the pediatrician's office! Real fun visit, huh?! :( The dr said it was just viral and there was nothing either of us could really do. We're finally feeling better, but tired from some sleepless nights this week!