Monday, December 8, 2008

SANTA... I know him!

While we were home for Thanksgiving we took Ryder to meet Santa - THE SANTA at Northpark. I really wanted to get his picture in that Santa's lap because not only is he the best looking Santa ever, I also sat in his lap when I was a little girl! (I promise I will add that picture to this blog soon!) So although it was "black friday" and although no one really wanted to go to northpark that day I convinced Daniel and my mom & dad and we all ventured out there. We missed Santa arriving with his live reindeer that morning, but we got our TICKET (note you have to get a ticket) to see Santa at 2:00pm. Ryder sat in Santa's lap at 6:30 pm!!! We shopped and ate and hung out during the day and he was a trooper. He didn't nap the whole time we were there and just as we were finally in line for our turn he started to get sleepy eyes, but I said, "NO NO NO, not after all this!" So here we are waiting:

FINALLY! Ryder went right in his lap and smiled as he grabbed him beard. Santa, obviously a pro promptly grabbed his hand and held it instead.

THE picture.

This is what we found when we got out of the car at home about 7:30!

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Amanda Vilendrer said...

you are one brave (read: Crazy) woman to brave the mall on black Friday for a picture with Santa! I won't even venture out here on a weekend!