Tuesday, March 30, 2010

4 generations!

Daniel & I are both so lucky to have all of our Grandmothers involved and active in our lives. They are all amazing Godly women who have all influenced us in so many areas of our lives. It's a blessing to see them with their Great-Grandchildren. Week before last (I'm playing catch up here) my mom came down during her spring break and brought my Grandmommie with her. They watched the babies and let me catch up on some work hours and then we got out and ran around a little too. I didn't take too many pictures, but we took these one night before we went out to have dinner near the lake. 4 generations of women here...
And this is THE best we could get with the ACTIVE little, Ryder in the picture, but it makes me smile anyway!
In other news of the past week or so:
Paisley has two little teeth that have popped through on the bottom!
Ryder's vocabulary seems to be still exploding by the day. He keeps us cracking up at things he sees and says. My favorite is that for some reason he doesn't say, "Rocky," but instead has re-named him, "Rodney!" haha. And he has a little bible story book that he refers to as his "Bible!" One day last week I asked him who was in his Bible (thinking he would say, "lions, rahhr" or something along those lines...) instead he said in the sweetest little voice, "God." "Yes," I said, "That is RIGHT." (We'll get into the theological answer that God is in his heart not his Bible later!!) So precious and again I am surprised, that he IS listening to us :) And lastly, this is day two of the PACIFIER stand-off and we're doing good. One full night and nap down with NO paci!

We have a VERY exciting week ahead and LOTS to look forward to!!!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Our budding little musician!

Last Sunday morning at church Ryder went big time! Our drummer at church gave him some old sticks a couple months ago and he's been bringing them with him each week. Well, this week Bud, the drummer picked him up and let him sit with him through the last song during rehearsal...
Ryder knew exactly what to do! ;)

SO happy!!
Yesterday after church I took this video below. We'd just gotten home from a long morning at church so he was a little delirious which adds to the humor. It's kinda long, but has some really funny moments!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Paisley Rose - 6 Months old!

Our baby girl is already 6 months! How time is flying and how she is growing! She is beginning to develop her own little personality more & more now. She really is the sweetest little thing and is so relaxed and calm. She responds to us and is delighted to get any attention from big brother! She loves playing in the floor and her exersaucer. She is sitting up better and squeals and makes funny syllables. We go for her check up next week so we'll see how little bit is growing - still not very into eating solid foods yet, we're working on it. She just seems so petite, but she's still plenty healthy with lots of rolls! Kirsten & Todd took these amazing pictures while they were here this past week. This first outfit was made by Grandma Williams for Daniel's mom when she was a baby! And this is the beautiful quilt Daniel's mom made.

Happy 1/2 birthday sweet Paisley Rose. You have brought so much joy to our lives.

More fun with friends...

The fun continued... Kirsten & I did some outlet shopping, cooked and just hung out. Saturday once Todd rejoined us we decided we'd have a little taste of Austin! ;) So we headed to Rudy's for some TX BBQ. Anders looked excited...

Kirsten was not so sure about the lack of "plates!"

Todd & Kirsten...

BBQ Sauce anyone?!?

Us and our boys!

"Real People Eat Meat" haha.

sweet girl, just watching all the excitement.


We did some shopping (the guys took the babies to REI while we went to Nordstrom Rack!) and then we hit up another Austin fave - Amy's ice cream on the way home. Todd & Ryder on the Bull:

Sunday we did church and then went to lunch at Z Tejas. It was a beautiful day.

We took them to the airport Monday night and Ryder cried his eyes out when we dropped them off!!! He woke up Tuesday morning asking for them and when I found him talking on his toy phone I said, "Who is it?" And he said, "Anders?" :) And well, Paisley is so sad to have had to say bye to her love...

We had such a great time with our friends who we love and miss SO much! Come back SOON.

Babies & Mommies!

We took a lot of Mommy & Baby pictures one day during our visit... although again we never really got the shot with everyone looking we got some fun pictures. Anders - 7 months & Paisley 5 months (6wks apart!)
Rocky wanted in on the action too:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Todd, Kirsten & ANDERS come to visit!!!! (part 1)

This past week we were SO lucky to have Kirsten & Todd come visit!!! Kirsten & baby Anders were here for a whole week, and Todd was here between shows. So get ready - there's lots of pics (and thanks to their camera they are awesome pics! :) Of course I was excited to see my sweet friend, but just as excited to meet this sweet baby boy!!!!

Is he not the cutest little thing!?!

He is 6 weeks older than Paisley and the last time they "saw" each other they were in our bellies! ;) This is when we picked them up from the airport...

Already falling in love! Hanging out in our jammies.

Ryder thinks it's all funny. But he loved Anders too and actually said, "Anders" before his own sister's name- which he finally said over the weekend.

So we tried all week to get just one picture of all three kids looking in the general direction of the camera semi happy... it did not happened. These are some of our most humorous attempts:

Todd was in Austin for the Kellie Pickler/Taylor Swift show - he does sound for Kellie. So we went to the show. Well, actually Kirsten and I stayed on the tour bus with the babies and Ryder got to go in with Daniel and watch the show at the board with Todd. Ryder was SOOOO exctied. When they got back to the bus he was literally bouncing off the walls, jumping and trying to tell us ALL about it! While on the bus we tried to take pics of the babies, but this is what happened: Paisley started to gnaw on Anders shoulder and laugh histerically and he did not care for it!

they played and "talked" a lot...

and these two got matching jammies & glasses!

Daddys & Babies :)

One day we went to the domain to shop & meet Kristin for lunch (Kirsten & Kristin meet! That's not confusing! ;)

Anders chillin at lunch.

And this is what happens when we shop too much...

1 - he's not allowed to have the pacifier except for bedtime (we're still working on that) but 2 - please note WHAT the paci says!!! I was in a dressing room and looked down to see that he had stolen it from sister... he was DONE! :)

That's the first of the blogs about our visit... have no fear, there's much more to come...