Monday, July 28, 2008

Part 3 of the weekend: the wedding

So the last event of the weekend was the wedding. Daniel's cousin Blake got married Saturday night and Daniel played guitar. Ryder did surprisingly well & was a happy boy in spite of his lack of sleep - he just didn't want to miss a thing! Here he is ready to party!

Grammy got to show Ryder off to everyone!

Tyler & Ryder having a little chat!

Hanging out with his great grandparents

He crashed during the loudest part of the night

The aunties with their nephew!

And finally the happy new married couple: Blake & Stephanie

We had a GREAT weekend at home with family & friends. Got back in last night and today I've just been doing laundry and catching up - AND thanks to all you people loving on Ryder all weekend he doesn't want me to put him down - why would he? He's been held ALL weekend! :) Plus yesterday was I think the first time he tried to reached for someone and he tried to reach for Mimi while my Poppi was holding him. And then today he did it to me while sitting in his swing! And how am I supposed to turn that down?? :)

Welcome Baby Trapper!

Trapper Douglas Rohde was born early Friday morning weighing 8lbs 6oz. Proud parents Chad & Morgan were so happy to finally meet him!!! (They thought he might never decide to come out!) He was almost a week past due and Morgan went to the Dr. Thursday morning and said, "I'm not leaving without a baby!" We went to visit them at the hospital on Saturday. Chad & I grew up like brother & sister and I just think it's so cool that we get to go through all this together as well with our new baby boys! Won't be long till they are rolling around, wrestling and biting each other! (Chad & I had a biting problem! ha! :)

The cousins meet!

The proud dad!

Sweet baby... and already a Longhorn! I love it!

Rydie & Chadie

The happy new family! Congrats you guys!!!

So that rounds out the Baby Marathon of '08! Here's a recap since we haven't gotten to meet them all yet, but when we do there will be pictures!
Cousin, Tyler Burnett (Jacob & Amanda's)- March 23rd
(Ryder - April 3rd)
Hadley Marvin (friends Robert & Heather's)- May 25th
Cousin, Cooper Rogers (Jonathan & Brandy's)- June 3rd
Bradley Vilendrer (my friend Amanda's)- June 7th
Aiden Tabler (friends Kara & Nathan's)- July 8th
Sibley Oster (my friend Katie's)- July 19th
And... Trapper - July 25th

Whew! Talk about a BABY BOOM!!! Who's next???? :)

Anniversary Date night!

We got in to Dallas Friday afternoon and got ready to go out and celebrate our 5 year Anniversary! We haven't had a date since baby arrived!! (I've been out and he's been out, but we have not been out together or left him with anyone other than ourselves.) Ryder stayed with Mimi & Poppi, but also had visitors there to help - Grandma, The Murphy's, Grammy & Auntie Sarah!
Daniel getting ready for our date :)

We went to a cute little French place called Toulouse. It's very parisian cafe style restaurant. It reminded us of one place we ate at in Paris. I haven't blogged about good food in a while... so indulge me! We had the mussels in a garlic, shallots & white wine sauce, I had the duck confit & Daniel had a the flat iron steak with pommes frites - REAL French fries.

After dinner we headed over to Rachel's to celebrate with friends & have dessert - (the boys were there too, I just didn't get their picture!)

It was a very Happy Anniversary.

Friday, July 25, 2008

5 Years!!!

Today is our 5 Year Anniversary! Can't believe it's been that long (and together 9 and 1/2 years!) whew- I feel old! 5 years ago we were getting ready to walk down the aisle. Today we're getting ready to get in the car with Ryder and head home for the weekend. We will get to go out on our first date night since baby!!! And then we're gonna celebrate with some friends... some of the same friends we celebrated with 5 years ago! Pics of the weekend to come... but here's a little look back.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Happy 30th Anniversary Mimi & Poppi!

My parents called from the beach this morning! They are livin' it up on Sanibel Island in Florida. Well, not "living" it up - they're not in that age bracket that moves to florida quite yet! ha! :) But they are celebrating they're 30th Anniversary today. As I get older & am married longer (5 yrs this week - will be a blog coming!) I realize what a treasure it is to have parents that have been married that long and are still in love. Daniel & I are both blessed in that way, but many friends our age are not. Anyway...
Happy Anniversary,
Monica & David/Mommie & Daddy/Mimi & Poppi !!! Love you.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Hey Ryder, ya wanna take a little trip?

So Thursday morning we were doing the normal...

Then my mom called. It was Grandma's birthday, Renita was in town, family was coming over for dinner and I'd had a rough night at work. SO... I said, "Ryder, ya wanna take a little trip?" I called Daniel, told him we were hittin' the road and within a few hours we were in Mesquite. I love the fact that we are close enough to do that now! I only told my mom I was coming, so it was a fun little surprise for the rest of them - to see Ryder that is!

Here's Grandma (Queen for the Day)

Ryder got to meet his crazy Aunt Renita, the Great. We decided that sounded much more impressive than "great aunt"

Just chillin' Friday morning.

Unfortunately we had to head back Friday afternoon (work! boo!) and couldn't stay for Grandma William's 80th b-day! But, it was definitely worth this quick little trip and we'll be back next weekend for a wedding and should also get to see baby Trapper! (We're awaiting his arrival as we speak - any time now!)

Monday, July 14, 2008

Wish it were a rainy Monday.

It hasn't rained in days! Our yard is so thirsty and it's slightly overcast today, but not quite rainy yet. Ryder and I decided to stay in and take it easy today anyway. We've had another fun week since the last blog. Ryder got a new chair (well, it's more for next year when he can sit up a little better, but he seemed to like it ok already)!

Since he decided to start holding on to things the main thing he's been attached to is this little stuffed monkey rattle. He's been sleeping with one hand on it in his swing, laying in the floor with it and talking to it of course!

He loves bath time now - I think he just likes being naked!

Saturday we got to have lunch with Chris & Michelle while they were passing through. Ryder loves his Auntie Shell...

Saturday night we had some friends over for dinner - and of course Ryder loved having company. Then yesterday morning at church Ryder ran sound with Daddy while Mommy sang! It was the most ADORABLE thing ever. He hung out in his baby bjorn on Daniel during practice & worship and loved it! I HAVE to get a picture next time. I guess the 2 services wore him out just like us because we got home, called Grammy to tell her Happy Birthday and then he was OUT! "Sunday afternoon laying before the Lord!" :)

Don't worry - I know it looks like he can't breathe, but he was fine! :)

Well, while I've been sitting here blogging it has started to thunder! Maybe the rain is on its way. Too bad I have to get ready to go to work in a few minutes and can't stay in and enjoy it... oh well, my yard will!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Ryder's Baby Dedication (big family weekend)!

Saturday all the family got here!! Daniel's parents, Grandma & Grandpa Williams, Nana, Grandmommie & Grandma West all came and joined my parents who were here. We had a great night just visiting, eating BBQ and passing Ryder around! It's amazing what entertainment he provides (and he doesn't even do anything yet)! But for some reason everyone just wants to sit around and look at him! Get ready... here come a lot of pictures!! The attack of the grandmothers!
Sunday morning was the baby dedication at chuch. I think there were 10 or 12 babies (and they do this every few months!)... we are a baby-making church!

Pastor Ray giving Ryder his first Bible.

Ryder slept through it all - didn't even know it happened. He was wide awake during worship and then he just decided it was time for a nap. But isn't he precious???

Ryder and his 4 great-grand mothers - what a blessing!

The whole gang.

Yes, we coordinated, that's how I am. :)

My sweet grandmothers.

Mimi & Poppi

Grammy & Grandpa

We feel so very blessed for our sweet baby boy to have so much love. Thank you all for sharing this special weekend with us... It was really wonderful!