Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ryder's First Christmas or should I say Christmas(es) because, yes, there were SIX of them ON Christmas day... so get ready this is gonna be a long blog! Some of the pics are kinda small, but if you click on them you can see them bigger - just FYI. :) We woke up at my parents house to do the normal Christmas morning traditions there. I'm sure our traditions will evolve as Ryder grows and understands things, but this year we just threw him right into the mix! We always start the morning with a particularly annoying song called "Early On One Christmas Morn," by Bruce Cockburn. Come to think of it I don't know if we've ever shared this West family tradition. Daniel's the only one who's witnessed it! It started years back when my daddy would blast this song as a signal to get things started! :) So this year Ryder & Poppy & Daniel "danced" to the song to get things going! (there is video of this!) SO here goes round one: 8:00AM
Ryder checking out his stocking... it's loaded!

making a call on his new "cell phone"

in the middle of everything with his new hat!

merry christmas morning!

10:00AM - running a little behind schedule *already* we headed a few streets over to Grammy & Grandpa's!

The john deer boots from aunt rachel & aunt sarah! And then... he crashed. So we let him take a little power nap while we opened our presents! No time to look at gifts. 12:00pm - off to Grandma & Grandpa Williams
The Grams swap babies.

And Landon loves on Ryder!

too cool.

3:00 pm - Next stop Greenville. Here we see all of my Grandmommie's brothers & sisters and families. Here's a pic of all the kids...

5:00 pm - Back to mesquite for #5 stop at Grandma's house!
A little daddy time just before another meltdown! :)

But he perked right up to open more presents and got a super cool drum!
And finally- 7:30 PM- we headed to Nana's for a bittersweet Christmas evening. We got there just in time to hear the Christmas story & the poem. Then the babies took over... (Tyler & Ryder)
- they kept trying to swap pacies.

Excited about his new Learn & Groove Music Table

giving mommy kisses!

my FAVORITE picture of the day. Still happy - way past bedtime!

AND... we're done! whew. Thank you to all our wonderful family who spoil us & now our baby even more! You all do too much! We had a very blessed Christmas and a day to remember for sure.

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