Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fuller Christmas at the Farm

We've had the busiest week and Ryder & I have finally settled down at home with family and are waiting on Daniel to join us tomorrow for Christmas. That said these blogs are a little delayed... but better late right!? :) Plus I had some super cute pictures that had to be shared.

Saturday before last we headed out to Hico to the Fuller Family Christmas (Daniel's mom's mom's extended family). After quite an hour of driving around Hico trying to figure out which way to the farm (no cell phone coverage!) we were rescued by Daniel's dad and lead there! The funniest part was Daniel going into the "Koffee Kup" and asking if anyone knew where CR 236 was - no they said and on second thought he said, "Well, do ya know Joe Fuller?" And the lady said, "Yeah, of course I know Joe!" And the directions she gave us to get to his house were, "Go down there and turn by the trees." That didn't work out so well.
Kathy gave all the kids matching outfits - and this is even missing a few! (Ryder is in the front turned around - this is as good as it gets - he kept crawling away!)

With all the baby-mommas


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