Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Girl shower in Dallas!

Friday morning I went to the Dr. for my 36 week appointment. This is the week in my pregnancy with Ryder when everything blew up... my blood pressure, my feet, my legs, the monster baby! ha! So I went to the dr. prepared for the worst, but everything was great! (Blood pressure low and all.) And I was not dilated at all - which was good since we were going away for the weekend! So Friday afternoon we headed home. Saturday our sweet family & friends showered baby girl with lots of sweet goodies!

My girls - Katey, Michelle, me & Rachel.

The adorable cupcakes... I should say, "CupKates" made by Katey! So cute!

Michelle & I

Me & Morgan - due a day apart... I hope she goes into labor a week early so we deliver on the same date! ;)

Michelle feeling baby girl wiggle around in there!


The beautiful quilt that Daniel's mom made for baby girl!

My new rockstar momma diaper bag!

The aunties! We even got Rachel to put her hand on my belly! (This totally freaks her out!)

Me & my Mommie - aka Mimi :)

My dad brought Ryder over at the end of the shower to make an appearance. Auntie Shell got a hug and picture out of him!

Always smiles - or laughs at Rachie! :)

Playing on the floor with Grandma.

Playing with cousin Luke.

We were extremely blessed by the shower & baby girl got lots of ADORABLE stuff! She is definitely going to be a well dressed child!

We're on the countdown now! As ready as my body feels, I'd rather her not come early at this point - but who knows!?! We can only plan these things so much, right? Hopefully we'll have the rest of her room together this week - pics to come!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Mommy & Rydie Date

Mommy & Ryder had a fun day out. I figure we won't have too many more days like this with just me & my little guy. So despite the 105 degree heat we got out and had a good day together. I even tried to nap together this afternoon, but that didn't work out too good. He just kept trying to put his paci in my mouth! :) This morning we went to Anthropologie and then had lunch at the Central Market cafe (where Ryder had a serious cheeseburger! No Mickey D's kids meals there!), played on their playground, then shopped for bit. It is "Hatch Chile Festival" time right now. Remember last year's Hatch blog? We did pick up some chiles, so we'll see what we can cook up with them this week. I had to use some serious self restraint at CM today after seeing Julie & Julia yesterday. I have to take a moment to say what a great movie it is. I will buy it - and we don't buy too many movies. I've never been a serious Julia Child fan because I always thought that most of her recipes were a bit out of reach for my skill set & ingredient list, but am now more intrigued and challenged to dive in and try more. Plus seeing the scenery of Paris and the FOOD made me reminiscent of our trip and even more so wanting French food! That said I bought a great piece of cheese today at CM, but kept it to that for now as I don't see my self standing in the kitchen for hours any day soon! :)

So here's some cute pics of my BIG boy on the playground today. He's now doing things that make me a little nervous, but Daniel says I've gotta let him run and fall and get bruises and scrapes cause he's a full out BOY!

An in-action fall... it's all good, he landed in the mulch and jumped up and shook it off like a champ!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby Girl gets showered!

This weekend I had my first baby showers and they were really sweet. My parents and Daniel's parents came down. Friday morning I had a Dr's appt - 35 weeks. All is good. Blood pressure was a little high, but they said it was still in the OK range - could have just been the result of getting to my appointment first thing in the morning with Ryder in tow! ha! Friday after my parents got here we left Poppy with Ryder and my mom and I went to get hair & nails done! Daniel's parents got here Saturday morning and the boys hung out while we did the shower thing Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon we got some things together in the baby room... it's getting there.

Saturday my friend Kristin threw me a baby shower for the girls at church.

The adorable cake!!

Me & the moms... we were in conversation here I think...

Me & Lori - we sing on the worship team together and are 3 weeks apart!

Thanks, Kristin, everything was so great! :)

The loot! I got lots of really sweet girly stuff of course! :)

On Sunday the girls at Starbucks had a shower for me! It was fun to actually all sit and talk together about something other than frappacinos or annoying customers! :)
yummy food of course... check out these antipasto skewers...

The amazing cake (and matching cupcakes) that my friend Laurel from MOMS club did! And it was Lemon! ;)

starbucks girls!

Opening Presents! I got more great stuff - plus diapers! :)

Me & my awesome friend Chris who hosted &put all this together! Thanks girls!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome Baby Anders!

Yesterday Todd & Kirsten welcomed their baby boy, Anderson Rhys Wines, "Anders" into the world! He decided to arrive 12 days early and Daddy made it for the birth despite the fact that he was in MN on a bus when Kirsten's water broke early in the morning! Little Anders arrived at 2pm weighing 7lbs 8.5oz and 20 inches long! We couldn't be happier for them! I knew I would be emotional, but I couldn't stop crying after I talked to Kirsten- mainly because I was happy for her, but partly because I was sad I wasn't there! It might be a few months, but we will meet him soon and I know Ryder will love his new best friend & baby girl will fall madly in love with her future husband! hehe :)

Congrats, you guys! We love you!!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Momma's Little Shopper

Considering the title of the last post I thought this only appropriate. Today Ryder got some new converse high-tops at the outlet mall (for $4.99 I must add!!) and he was pretty excited about them. He carried them in his lap around the store and threw a FIT when I took them to pay for them. So this afternoon when he woke up from his nap I took them out of the bag and he lit up. He carried them around in the little box and at one point ran up to me holding them out and shouted out a long line of jibberish (that clearly made sense to him) with a loud clear word at the end, "SHOES!" So the sentence went a little something like this: "!@#$ @%&@% ^*$& %* &# SHOES!" :) Was so cute & quite humorous to me, the shoe addict. He then greeted his Daddy with the box of shoes when he walked in the door. I told Daniel about the sentence and his response was, "Great one of his first clear words is shoes." That's my baby boy! :)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

While Mommy was at work this morning Daddy & Ryder headed to Home Depot to pick up some stuff for the projects in baby girl's room. When they walked in the workers said, "Oh you must be here for the kids workshop," and pointed them in that direction. (They weren't planning on it, but Daniel thought, hey why not?) So they had their first workshop together! :) Daddy said Ryder LOVED hammering of course, all the women workers loved him and he was really interested in the forklift! They completed the project, a message board/key holder. Ryder loved his apron and insisted on wearing it most of the day today! (Even after nap going and getting it and taking it to Daniel to put back on him!) The best part was seeing him come running in starbucks in it to see me!!!

When we got the finished project out to take a picture with Ryder immediately began hammering on it - just like he knew what to do to it! ha!!

What a fun day they had!

Thursday when Daniel got home from work he was sitting in the bedroom floor playing guitar with Ryder when Ryder decided he really wanted to get INTO the music! So he just crawled right in the case.