Thursday, January 27, 2011


Happy to announce that my Perfectly Paisley website is up & running!  Yay!  It's nothing fancy, I did it myself {thanks to blogger} but I kinda like it.  ;)  For now all purchases will still go through my ETSY page, but my website gives TONS of examples & ideas to choose from.  I can make a custom ETSY purchase for anyone that wants to buy something.
So tell a friend, tell your family, tell a neighbor, tell someone you don't know...

Thanks for all of your encouragement in my creating. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011


A couple weeks ago there were some buy one, get one free circus passes at the Y, so I picked one up and casually said, "Oh, we could go to the circus..."  Never say something you don't mean to an inquisitive, little 2 year old sponge.  They don't forget anything.  From then on Ryder was telling people he was going to the circus.  So Sunday night we went to the circus.  The kids really loved it and even Paisley watched and squealed and clapped.
Snack time!  
Loved the popcorn... hugging it!
The funniest thing was him looking at all the stuff they were selling.  Daniel went and got the popcorn and cotton candy and then Ryder said he wanted a drink.  To which I said, "No we brought your sippy cup, you're good," to which he replied, "No, no.  I need one of those tasty drinks. (pointing) Up there in the corner!"  We died laughing. 
It was bed time, but she made it with some snuggling with Daddy...
They loved the elephants, the clowns and the dogs that did tricks.  And Ryder loved the motorcyclist!

He had a blast.  So glad we go to go.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Making Easy Uncomfortable

Happy {LATE} New Year Everyone.  I apologize for the lack of blogs.  Read on and you'll see why.  If you read my blog the week before Christmas you'll be happy to know that over the last couple weeks I have had to continuously LET GO and let GOD.  The sickness has continued in our house... As we drove back the day after Christmas Daniel started getting sick.  By that night he and Paisley were both throwing up.  48 hours later Ryder & I started throwing up!  We rang in the new year recovering, again.  Then that Sunday night as we were putting up Christmas stuff Ryder jumped/danced into the corner of the wall and gashed his head open!!  We ended up on the advice of family not taking him the the ER and the next morning it was already starting to close so we bandaged it up with steri strips - Moms of boys, go buy some now!   It is still on the mend.  Then last week when I thought things were beginning to calm I took Paisley in for her {late} 15mth well check.  As the doctor looked in her ears I felt that sinking feeling in my gut, again.  Both ears STILL infected.  She was on the strongest oral antibiotic they could give her that week before Christmas and it did not clear the infection.  The Dr thinks that whatever infection they got in their ears was just super strong and resistant to antibiotics.  SO... that led us to having to go in 3 days in a row last week to get her antibiotic shots.  She's so little that they couldn't do it all at once like with Ryder.  She is also on the bulk-up diet since she's yet to break the 15 pound mark!  We go back this Friday for an ear check and regular shots, so we are hoping and praying for good news.  We think Ryder's have finally cleared but will not be totally sure for 4-6 wks.  ALL that to say, I'm being tried through all of this.  My kids have always been healthy and maybe because of it I don't know how to deal.  But I'm learning.

So my spin teacher is a horse trainer.  And he likes to yell (at us).  Today he was harping on us and griping about how he has to tell us things everyday, do we ever get it? blah blah blah.  I was trying to tune him out and enjoy the ride so to speak when all of the sudden he said, "I only have to teach a horse something 7 times and then they get it.  You guys are much harder to train than horses!"  He went on to explain about the horses, "You make easy uncomfortable."  You make the easier, slower choice for the horse the uncomfortable choice.  {Lightbulbs!!!}  It's easier for me to not go workout, but ultimately I am uncomfortable for it in the long run.  It's easier for me to not have time with God, I have what I think is more "me" time - whatever that is - but am more uncomfortable the rest of the day.  On Sunday Morgan said something that hit me, it was that in whatever we are going through instead of asking God to deliver us from it we should pray, "God grow me IN this."  Because chances are you'll be there again and wouldn't you have rather grown from the previous situation.  We could hope.  As we were finishing up our workout with some stretches my teacher said he teaches horses stretches.  Once they learn them they realize how good it makes them feel so they just do them naturally themselves without being told to or made to... hmmm.
So that is my prayer for the new year.  God, make me uncomfortable in the easy.  Stretch me.  I need to be challenged.  Physically, spiritually & creatively.   God help me to have those uncomfortable conversations each morning with You that grow me & ultimately give me joy.  Help me to get uncomfortable at the gym (to un-grow me!).  And to challenge myself creatively to step above my comfort levels and thrive.  
Happy 2011.