Wednesday, May 18, 2011

20 Months!

Paisley Rose is 20 months old today.  I am happy to say she has finally hit 20 pounds!  Woo hoo.  And with that I will say, this little girl has NO idea she is just 20 pounds!  :)  She is a fearless little dare devil.  She is FULL of energy and she dances, climbs, jumps and goes off the fastest & highest slides.  She cracks us up with the funny things she does and says.  Her vocabulary is exploding these days!  While she is non-stop action and tough as can be, she is just the sweetest with her hugs & kisses and love of all things girly. 
This is the perfect picture to describe her right now...
Our Frilly Little Dare Devil.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mother's Day

Last weekend we went to Dallas for Mother's Day.  Surprisingly, we hadn't been home since Christmas!  It was a busy weekend of course with lots of friends and family to see.  Friday night I got to go out with my girls!  The four of us hadn't been together in SO long.  We went to dinner at Blue Mesa and to Pete's piano which was super fun.    
Saturday I went to the Mother's Day luncheon at my mom's church (where I was chasing Paisley and have no pics!)  That night we had dinner with Daniel parents and Grandma & Grandpa Williams.
Sarah & Paisley swingin'
Grandma & Grandpa
Paisley & Grammy
Grandpa & the aunties.
 my love.
 Me & Rydie being silly.

Sunday we went to church with my parents and then to lunch.  Ryder telling Poppy how it is...
And Paisley telling Mimi...
Happy Mother's Day to me ;)
My Daddy & my Grandma :)
 My little munchkins.  :)
Sunday afternoon we went to Daniel's parents to get together with his Dad's side of the family.
Some of the kids playing...
We had a great day celebrating mother's.  We are really blessed to have all the amazing mothers & grandmothers in our lives that we do.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Child like faith... with a bandaid.

The other night I laid in the bed with Ryder while putting him down, which is actually usually daddy's job, but I was home that night and Ryder had asked for me. So I laid there and we sang several song- abc'c, speckled frogs, a random number song he made up (sure to be a hit), and then Jesus Loves Me. He got quiet (which is rare) and at the end he said, "Mommy, is Jesus in my heart?"  I was kinda surprised and said, "Well, yes! If you want him to be, you just ask!"  He was still listening so I said, "You just say, 'Jesus will you come be in my heart? And stay forever with me?'"  And as quick and simple as can be he said, "Yep, and He will!  That's what you do!"  And then he gave me the sweetest 3yr old analogy I've heard...  He said, "And THEN He puts a bandaid over it!"  And he smiled really big.

I also smiled really big as I left his room that night and I prayed, "God please help me believe and trust with a 'Yep!' response.  And please give us all one of those bandaids on our hearts for the wounds of life."