Friday, December 5, 2008

Deckin' the Halls

Sunday we went to get a Christmas tree! We decided we were gonna support our local economy and go to a local stand. Well, we went there... Ryder was intrigued.

And this is the kind of trees they had. This one that I liked (which would have had to poke through our roof) was $200.

So we tried another local place - same one we got the pumpkins at.

No luck there either... still $70 bucks! Well, we tried to "think globally & act locally" but here we are with our tree at Lowes! :)

After we got home I made homemade pizza while Daniel pulled all the decorations out & brought the tree in. Ryder chewed on his "pizza" while we ate our pizza. What's funny is while he was sitting in my lap I saw him lifting his pizza toward his mouth at the same time I would lift the piece to mine! :) That's why we took this pic...

my little santa

showing us that he can now pull up on ANYTHING he wants!

Like the shirt??? Which will lead to the next post... RYDER MET SANTA... coming soon :)

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