Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Labor Day Weekend... Family Reunion!

This weekend we went to the Fuller Family Reunion! That would be Daniel's mother's, mother's extended family - confused yet? Me too. :) Just kidding. I'm all caught up now!! I've not been before because living in TN we were never able to make it, but Daniel grew up going. Saturday morning we headed out to the camp in Glenrose and on the way Daniel realized we would be passing a "Storms." A burger place he loves that they always stop at on the way to the deer lease. So we had to stop. Let's just say, "ya ain't payin' for the atmosphere," but that is one GOOD burger! Here Ryder is- who just woke up obviously (notice the "Great Texas Hamburgers sign in the back)!

Yep, it has 3 meat patties. And yep, I ate that.

As soon as we got to the camp Grammy & the aunties met us at the car and scooped Ryder up. They'd already made a round with him before I got my stuff out of the car.

Ryder wasn't much into taking naps! (He was supposed to be sleeping here)

Brandy & I with our baby boys: Cooper & Ryder.

The view from the deck

Rachel, Sarah & Ryder

Brandy & Coop

Grammy trying to get Rydie to take a nappy!

The Allen Fam.

Ryder's first Hayride! (There you go, Karen!) I asked why we should go on a hayride in the humid 90 degree weather and Aunt Karen said, "So you can take a picture and blog about Ryder's first hayride!")

The Grandmas and their baby boys! Karen & Cooper, Becky & Ryder

The Great-Grandparents and their great-grandsons: Grandpa & Grandma Williams, Landon, Cooper, Ryder

When we got there Saturday it started pouring rain :( So we didn't get to take Ryder in the pool and I did not get to go on the paddle boats as promised by Daniel...me & the paddle boats!

It was a good weekend, I'm glad we got to make it.

I have to add these pics too! As soon as we pulled up on Saturday Aunt Rachel & Aunt Sarah came out to the car with a bag from Play (a kids store at Northpark.) It had this onesie in it - they couldn't resist...

I like my baby in a tuxedo onesie cause it says, "I'm formal, but I'm here to party!"

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Stacey said...

Ok- your caption about Ryder's tux realllly cracked me up!