Thursday, September 25, 2008

In the past week...

So I've had a few "complaints" on the lack of blogs in the past week... sorry! Things have been a little busy, but I have been snapping pictures of life in general as normal. Ryder is (hopefully) over the ear infection and seems to be pretty much back to normal. Last weekend I decided to to take him on a quick trip to Dallas to see the the grand-rents! It was a good little visit and he was spoiled as usual. I didn't take too many pics of the weekend. We did go to Northpark for lunch on Sunday and Poppi took him out to the fountain. (Same fountain I used to stare at & throw pennies in when I was little.) He was really interested.

Lunch with Mimi on Monday

** OK - so I just HAD to add this pic Daniel's mom sent me this week: While I was having coffee with the girls Ryder was taking a little nap on Grandpa...

Seems like there have been lots of changes in the past week (maybe because we're approaching the 6 month mark)! We've been doing better with food and have been having bananas & cereal for breakfast... he gets excited, hits the table & goes "mmm...mmm!"

(notice the tiny little mohawk? we're getting there!)
But the biggest change is his mobility. Last week while he was still a little sick and having trouble breathing he was napping in our bedroom in his carrier in the floor, I heard something and walked in to this:

Yep! He's wiggled his way out of it onto the floor! And the scooting and multiple rolling across the floor is hilarious. There's really no "crawling" yet, although he's very close, he manages to move all around the room...

And my favorite - yesterday while I was putting away laundry in his room I laid him on a blanket in the floor. He kept rolling around and I kept moving him back to center. Well, a few minutes later I look down and see this... yes he's under his crib! Ha! :)

So that's what's been going on with us in the past week!

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Pmimmy said...

So cute! I love being able to keep up with you guys like this. So glad he's feeling better!