Sunday, September 28, 2008

Burn Baby Burn

Daniel & I have been eyeing one of those little fire pit things for the backyard since we moved in a year ago. (Not the chiminea things, the pit-bowl thingies.) Well, we waited all summer (not that we would have wanted to set anything on fire nor would we have wanted to sit anywhere near a fire in this TX heat!) but finally they went on clearance at target, so we got one a couple weeks ago. Tonight it was slightly cooler outside, Ryder was sound asleep (at 7:45!!!) and about 10pm Daniel went out and put some branches and such in the fire pit, got it started and I went out to sit by it. The flame seemed a little big & smokey to be in the yard and I noticed the older couple next door to us had their kitchen light on and were probably looking, wondering what was burning in our yard. (I mention these things to Daniel with a hint of worry.) A couple minutes later I heard some sirens a ways off. I joked they were coming to put out the fire...a couple minutes pass...still sirens, getting closer... I joke again to Daniel, maybe our neighbors had called the fire dept (thinking, "oh no, what if they really had?!?") The sirens continued, and suddenly Daniel JUMPS up runs and grabs the hose and says, "Turn the water on!!" He sprays the fire out... and the sirens fade away... HA!!!! I laughed so hard I snorted!!! OH... it was perfect.

Our first, very short-lived fire of the fall :)


Dan Allen said...

Just wanted to clarify...although we are technically still under a burn ban, fires in a contained enclosure or pit are allowed :)

becallen said...

Daniel, you know if you play in the fire you will wet the bed.