Sunday, September 14, 2008

Weekend update

This has been a pretty busy week (thus the lack of blogs). Not so much busy with fun things... just life. Ryder has had a runny nose for the first time and doesn't really know what to think about it. He's woken up screaming in the night several times a night for the past week because he had to choose between his paci or breathing! But, with a new humidifier (that looks like a frog!) and some nasal spray we're making it and hoping that's all it is. I've also had Sibley a couple days this week (see below). And I sang at our womens' conference at church this weekend which was really great and then normal services this morning, so this afternoon I came home and crashed. This is how life has looked the past couple weeks...

Ryder "helping" daddy make pancakes.

Experimenting with food. We've starting adding bananas this week!

Meet Sibley. I've been keeping her lately a couple days a week. She is 7 wks old. This is a rare moment (both sleeping)!!

Ryder checking her out...

Ryder is not crawling yet, but some how manages to "scoot" across the floor when I'm not looking. I put him down vertically at the top of this blanket, walked away for a couple minutes and came back to this... I have no idea how he gets there.

This was tonight after bathtime. Ryder and I were having a little story time (plus rocky there at my feet) and Daddy decided to sneak in and take some pictures.

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