Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chile today, hot tamale...

It's Hatch Chile time ya'll!!

Over the weekend while I was at Central Market preparing for the b-day party I realized it was the annual Hatch Chile Festival. Apparently the whole hatch chile thing is a pretty big deal because they have festivals and ship them in from Hatch, NM (thus the name) and bring in these big roasters and even have special menus during this season at some of our favorite eateries (ie. Chuy's). So when we sent my dad back to pick up some stuff I told him to make sure and get some of the chiles - well he delivered and got a bunch! So this week I decided I'd figure out what to do with them (I hadn't thought that far). I do like buying different ingredients that I may not have used before sometimes to challenge myself to try and cook something new & different. So anyway, I dug around online and found some recipes and made up the rest myself! So I thought I'd document the hatch mania and here's what happened...
yummy fresh chiles

making a mess!

Chuy's hatch sauce that I made with the roasted ones we got

making some stuffed peppers

Ryder got in on the action!!

(Don't worry they're not hot peppers and he only had them for a second - but he did immediately put them in his mouth!)

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J.B.L said...

Did you seriously eat that? Cooper would be a beast for a week if I ate that. Lucky!!!