Tuesday, September 16, 2008

update on the update!

Well, I need to do a little update from last night's blog...

Last night Ryder's congestion seemed to be getting worse.  He kept waking up and when Daniel got up this morning he was coughing.  As soon as he brought him in to me I said, "I think I'm gonna take him to the Dr today."  Well, I did and poor thing has an ear infection.  :(  I knew this day would come, but kinda hoped we'd make it to 6 months before it did.  Oh well, we've been very blessed with a healthy baby and I know he'll be fine!  They said we caught it early and it's not too bad yet.  The funny thing was at the Dr's office he was not acting sick at all.  While the cute pregnant nurse listening to his heartbeat he was patting he belly and grabbing the stethoscope and smiling at her!  The dr said, "Well, he sure is in good spirits!"  As I guessed he spit the whole first dose of the bubble gum antibiotic right back out at me and then grinned real big.  (I guess that's pay back, huh Daddy?)  My dad warned me that's what he would do just as I did long ago! :)  

On another note, Erin called today and wanted to know what happened to us in hurricane IKE (or IKEA as I have called it) and said I didn't blog a/b it.  Well, that's because there was nothing to blog about.  We did not get even one drop of rain from that thing that wreaked havoc 2 hours away!  I mean, I am not complaining, we did not want the storm (unlike my weird friend Amanda, who DREAMS of one day being in a hurricane)!  But we did hope it would at the very least water our yard a bit.  Nope... we're just gonna dry up and blow away.  
Ok, it's very late and I've been up way too long since I got home from starbucks and need to go to bed now.  Hopefully I will not be awakened here in a few minutes by little precious!


Amanda Vilendrer said...

yes, I am ashamed, I AM that weird friend. Hope Ryder gets to feeling better. I'm praying Bradley doesn't catch the cold that Brian has right now. I may be headed out to buy a humidifier soon too.

Melissa said...

Hope Ryder is feeling better now. I hate when they get ear infections. Glad you guys didn't get hit by the hurricane. If you still want some rain, we're getting plenty here in Scotland and I'd be happy to trade it for some sunshine. :) -Melissa