Wednesday, September 3, 2008

5 Months!

Little Ryder is 5 months old today! Another month & another load of changes! He's growing like a weed (growing out of clothes which is sad), he's rolling around, "swimming" on the floor (wondering why he's not going anywhere), sleeping on his tummy (he always turns that way no matter what I do!), getting a little more hair, sleeping for long nights (PTL!), reaching for us, grabbing everything (my food, my drink, my hair, rocky, etc...), eating a little cereal (as seen below), mimicking our voices (I swear his first word was"No" - he was trying to roll over on his changing table and I said, "Ryder, NO" and he said, "NOAAAAAA!" Oh there's lots of changes, but each one brings more fun & more challenges!

So here's mommy's 5 months photo shoot - he took a little nap on our bed and woke up so happy I couldn't resist! Who do you think he looks like now???

Just growing and growing...

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