Friday, October 3, 2008


Half of a year!  Ryder is 6 months old today! wow...  I can't believe it!!! 

Ryder and I took at flight to Nashville yesterday and we are spending a WONDERFUL weekend here.  He did really great on his FIRST plane flight.   (Although going through security alone was quite a challenge and he did eat the top half of my boarding pass and then throw a complete tantrum when I proceeded to throw it away!)  But, on the plane when he wasn't sleeping he was smiling and entertaining the other passengers around us.  Plenty of pics and stories to come, but all is well and we are enjoying our time here.  We are getting pictures taken tomorrow, so we should have some really great 6 months pics soon to come! :)

AND yesterday after we arrived Ryder was chewing on my hand (as normal) and suddenly I felt something - which I thought was something he'd gotten a hold of - but no... it was a little toothy.  He got his first tooth, the day before his 6 month birthday!    

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