Monday, December 27, 2010

SEVEN Christmases. But who's counting?

 Yes, that's right, 7 Christmases.  6 on Christmas day.  So here goes with lots of pics and play-by-plays.  :)
Christmas Eve we went to my Grandmommie's house to do Christmas with my Mom's side of the family.  Ryder - having no idea what's coming...
Poppy & the kids.
 All the boys... Ryder, Andy, Luke, Ben, Josh
 Paisley was really getting into her presents!
 Me & my little Christmas princess.
 Paisley, Me & Grandmommie.
 Paisley & Aunt Robin
 We got home on Christmas Eve and put out Santa's cookies (Ryder is yelling "Santa!" here)
 Then Santa's elves had work to do... work we were unaware of... He's an angry elf.
 We went to bed around 1am, but it was all worth it when we saw the look on their faces!  Poppy brought the kids down stairs to our annual song, "Early on One Christmas Morn," and when Ryder saw everything he couldn't even scream he was so excited.  He was just holding his fists in the air!  So cute!!  Then he saw Santa's cookies were gone... And just had this look of shock!

Seeing his, "bicycle with pedals," just like he asked for.
 Checking out Paisley's kitchen!
 Looking at her stocking stuff!
 What is it??
 A guitar!
 Checking it out with daddy..
 Paisley opening presents with Mimi...
 Kisses for her new doll!
 And DRUMS.  He's even got the tongue going here...
 Train set!
 Family pic!  And YES - I have no make up on, can't believe I'm revealing this one!
 Trying out the bike real quick... come on, we've got 5 other houses!
 On to Grammy & Grandpa's

So excited about the new car playscape

Grammy & Paisley girl
 Sarah & Mini - Sarah
 Aunt Rachel & their TENT!
 Next stop Grandma & Grandpa Williams.  
 The cousins playing piano.  Cooper, Ryder, Landon.
 Paisley & her Daddy.
 From there we drove to Greenville to see my Grandmommie's extended family.  The kids took a quick breather in the car...
 Didn't get any pics there for some reason... was wearing down!  From there we drove back and went to Grandma West's house.  
 Aunt Renita the Great playing with Ryder
 Paisley laughing with Poppy & Mimi.
 Then finally at about 7pm we headed to house number 6 - Nana's.  Ryder opening his cement truck!
 Paisley & her new Princess Mobile!  
There we got to meet baby Avery for the first time.  Avery was born in November to Blake & Stephanie.  Paisley checking her out...
 We finally headed home to Mimi & Poppy's about 10pm.  Not that you're counting, but that's 14hrs and 6 houses on Christmas day!
THIS is how we all felt...
But very Blessed.  Thanks everyone for making it a very Merry Christmas.

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