Monday, December 20, 2010

Hey Santa.

It has been a busy little December (sorry for the lack of blogs! more to come).  Last night we finally found time to take the kids to see Santa.  We bundled up and went out to the domain.  Ryder was SO excited about seeing Santa!  He has previously told santa (at the MOMS party) that he wanted a big computer, "like daddy's."  So we were quite relieved when he told Santa last night that he wanted a, "bicycle with pedals."  (That we can do!)  He was not afraid at all and just couldn't wait his turn.  He finally got it and ran right up and jumped in his lap - it was SO sweet.  
And THEN we sat our sweet, happy, precious, beautifully dressed baby girl in his lap.  And this is what happend.  The official shot.  Yes, this is the best they got for $25!  But it is priceless, don't you think?
Ryder said his goodbyes.  And this was the best moment of all...
 We actually got a family pic, although Paisley was still a little distraught from meeting Old Saint Nick.
 BUT... then she found a sale.  All better.  :)
We ate dinner at Maggianos (the kids behaved!) and walked around and looked at the lights and heard the music.  It was a fun Christmas night for just our little family, after a very stressful week.  

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Anonymous said...

Love this. Your kids are so precious.