Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We had a good thanksgiving weekend.  One day I will actually get to cook on the biggest cooking day of the year.  For now, it's too much travel and we can never get there in time for me to help cook,  but Wednesday I tried out new cranberry-blackberry-jalapeno relish to take with us.  It was a Bobby Flay throwdown recipe and it turned out pretty yummy... cranberries, onion, jalapenos, sugar
orange, fresh ginger, blackberries, honey
 We headed out Thanksgiving morning and made it nice and quickly to Grammy's for our first lunch.
Love this picture so much.
 Grammy helping Paisley dig in.
 Check out that plate!
 Paisley & Aunt Sarah
 Pumpkin Pie - he was excited.
 Time for some rest.  (yeah right)
family pic. 
 Over the sidewalk and down the street - to Grandma's house we go...
 Ryder & Aunt Renita the Great.
 We had a good Thanksgiving day. Good to be with family and so thankful for them all.
Friday morning I decided to embark upon the Black Friday madness.  So my sweet Daddy got up at 6am with me!  No, we did not get up at 3am and stand outside, but we did hit up Target & Toys r Us first thing and got some good deals out of it.  Then we headed over to Northpark where we stood in line at the Gap for 1 hr 40 mins!!!  All for 50% off everything.  We got some deals.  Is my dad a champ or what?!?  During that my mom & Daniel brought the kids out to take them to the Train exhibit.  
 Little Miss Conductor.
Poppy & Pay-Pay
 Look at the excitement on Ryder's face!  (He'd just gone in the Disney store!)
 watching the water...
Saturday night Daniel and I got to go to dinner with Bridgette (& boyfriend!) who were in town for the holiday.  We headed back Saturday and got a Christmas tree... more on that to come...
Holiday Season is UNDERWAY!  yay!

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