Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Little Monster & Little Fairy

 We had a super fun day on Sunday.  Sunday morning we had our final week of our You Have A Part to Play series at church {more on that in a soon coming more serious blog}.  ;)  It was a great morning with our church family and we ended it Sunday night with a Harvest Festival.  Ryder was Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba, one of his favorite shows.  And I don't really know what Paisley was - except ADORABLE!  :)  She was some sort of butterfly fairy and she loved it.  She literally pranced around all night!  Here we are in our annual halloween picture spot...
 Me & my itty bitty crazies!
Daddy taking them in.
 And he's OFF...
 Me & my little monster cupcakes!  There was a contest - but I was 3rd.  Boo.  They were delish though!  They were Martha's one bowl chocolate recipe with a Nutella filling I added! mmm.
 Daddy & his girl

 She was reunited with Rocky (we doggy sat him in the summer).  She was following him around squealing!
 Paisley & London - aka Fairy & Bumblebee
 Ryder playing the soccer game with Jamie.
 Just taking it all in...
 All he wanted to do was BOUNCE!
 Ava - I LOVED this costume.
 Ryder & Addie waiting in the costume contest.
 Ryder, WHO are you??
 Ok, so Ryder didn't win the contest, no biggie, apparently he thought he was in line for a race!  When it was over he kept saying, "I NEED to RACE."  So we had one... he won...
 Me & my girl.
 He did however win in the cupcake walk...
 And she's getting loopy...
 happy little monster
 So much FUN!
 We went home and Ryder got to decorate a few more cupcakes.
 And why not?  Let's round the weekend out with a little. bit. more.
 And sister shoving hers in before I change my mind! 

 And here's the shot we waited for all day.  Both children looking in the direction of the camera with all articles of costumes on and even slight smiles.  (Thanks to that snickers bar he's holdng!)
Happy Fall Y'all! :) 

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