Thursday, November 18, 2010

14 months, 2 and a BIG 1/2

Paisley Rose is 14 months old today!  
She's still our little itty-bitty, but has turned into a little firecracker.  The girl can hold her own.  She's learned to stand up to brother- he is actually the one usually taking it from her right now.  She's got some major vocal cords and can scream like nobody's business!  She is still only 16 pounds, but moving up (slowly) on the growth chart.  Into everything, running everywhere, the girl is a climber!  People always stop and tell us she looks like a little doll.  We love you so much, little doll.

Ryder was 2 and a half last month and he is changing into this sweet, curious little BOY.  He is OFFICIALLY potty trained!  yayayayayay!!!  If you've had 2 in diapers for any amount of time you understand the joy (and money) this brings!  Once I actually took the plunge (pun intended) and just put him in underwear it happened pretty quickly and naturally.  He made it to and from Dallas dry this weekend, to church and school in underwear, so I think it done!  He even made it through naps AND night-time dry 2 days in a row!  SO proud of my boy.
Yesterday he had a little Thanksgiving lunch at his school.  When I picked him up he was so excited to tell me, "Happy Thanksgiving!" and that he and his friends LOVED the pie I sent {proud mommy moment} !!!  Modeling his hat he made for his lunch.

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