Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Paisley's first road trip!

We went home this weekend to Dallas - Paisley's first visit! She did great in the car - slept the whole way without a peep (unlike her LOUD older brother)!! Her great grandparents that had not gotten to meet her got to meet her along with a bunch of other family members! Our main reason for coming in this weekend was that my friend Erin from Nashville was going to be in Dallas for a conference and we were picking her up and bringing her back with us for a couple days. More on that later... Saturday we just stayed around my parents house and some family stopped by to visit and see baby girl.
Grammy & Paisley

The great grands chatting with little Paisley

Robin & the boys with little bit.

Ben loves babies :) This picture made me smile because it made me think of the memory of using Ben as our baby in "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" in high school - he was just about Paisley's age!!

Saturday night we got to go to Dinner Under the Cedars - a Mesquite Historic Society fundraiser that Daniel's mom works on. We went last year too.
Auntie Sarah & Ryder

"Pearl Snap Shirts" (cute shirt courtesy of Auntie Rachel)

Mimi & Poppy with Rydie

Yes, these gianormous cows were up for auction.

Grandma & Grandpa Williams meeting Paisley.

Grammy gets a little hug!

my sweet boys.

Family :)

Sunday morning we went to meet Erin & Zach for breakfast at Cafe Brazil. Erin meets Paisley...

After breakfast Paisley had her first trip to Northpark. It was a quick little trip, but I told her as we were walking in this was one of mommy's favorite places and one day we would come there and buy lots of pretty stuff... and not tell daddy about it! haha! :) She smiled - I have witnesses. Sunday afternoon we hung out with family a little bit before heading back.
Grandpa and his little P.R. (that's his nickname for Paisley Rose)

Ok- this was one of the best moments of the weekend. We were talking about Rachel's pink "snuggie," so Daniel put it on, but it looked more like an Easter pageant costume to us! "Come unto Him, Christ the Lord!"

And a last pic of the munchkins for mimi & poppy before we hit the road

Erin made the trip back with us and hung out Sunday night and last night. Yesterday we conquered IKEA with 2 kids - I think she's sworn off kids completely after that & the explosive spit up she witnessed! haha! :) We had a good time and she even stayed with them yesterday afternoon and let me actually go to the grocery store (which I have not done in 5 weeks because I'm terrified of going with the 2 babies)!!
We had a great visit & a great weekend.

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