Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch!

Saturday we had a super fun day!!! We got up and headed out to Marble Falls to visit Sweet Berry Farms which is in the summer a strawberry farm, but in the fall is transformed into a pumpkin patch! On the way we stopped to eat breakfast at the Blue Bonnet Cafe, a famous little Texas hole-in-the-wall kinda cafe. Let's just say although we did not, it is perfectly acceptable to eat their pie any time of day and if that doesn't tell you enough Daniel had Chicken Fried Steak n' Eggs for breakfast!

Then we headed over to the insanely busy pumpkin patch. It was a gorgeous day and a lot of people had the same idea we had! It was a little overwhelming keeping up with Ryder, carrying a baby, taking pictures, pushing a stroller & then throwing some 20 lb. pumpkins into the mix! Ryder was SO excited. As soon as he saw the gobs of pumpkins he took off. This VIDEO is when we first got there and he was checking everything out...

pUmpKinS - Oh mY!

my 2 little people...

my little cowboy:

::loving his sister::

Ryder has a flare for the dramatic... no idea where he would have gotten that!?!

There were ponies (fortunately he's not old enough to asked to ride them - that line was ridiculously long!) and there were goats which he was really into.

This was cute till he started chunking it like a football!

The boys & a truck full o' punkins!

Paisley slept through most of it, but we got a few more pics of her that may be showing up later ;) It was really our first fun day out with both of them and it was a beautiful day!

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