Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So over the weekend we made a little trip home so that Daniel could paint his parent's house for them. So while he painted Saturday Ryder and I hung out. We had the girls over for breakfast, then went to Northpark with Mimi & Poppy before coming back to get ready for Dinner Under the Cedars. Grandmommie & Grandma of course had to stop in and get a quick minute with Ryder too. :) I didn't take a bunch of pics, but did take a few. Apparently Ryder discovered his TONGUE this weekend. All weekend he was sticking it out. People kept asking, "What's the deal with the tongue?!?" Notice it's sticking out in 3 of these pictures!! He also started REALLY crawling - video to come! :)
Ryder & Mimi:

Ryder & Grandma

Dinner under the cedars is the Mesquite Historic Society's (where Daniel's mom works) annual fundraiser dinner. It's outside in a tent at the Lawrence house and it happened to be very cold Saturday night! Ryder was all bundled up...

THIS is what the tongue looked like all weekend! :P

Sunday we went to church with Daniel's family for C life's first service in the new building, had lunch with the family, Daniel finished up the painting and then we hit the road. It was a quick & busy, but good weekend!

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