Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Monkey...Itty Bitty Banana!

We had a fun Halloween. Ryder was a MONKEY of course! :) So we decided little Paisley had to be a little BANANA! Ryder loved his monkey costume!!!

Mommy & the cutie pies!

Daddy's turn...

Daddy made us some yummy pancakes for breakfast then we headed over to some friends house and went to a little fall festival. We had 5 kids (3 boys the same age and 2 babies!) monkey & giraffe...

Paisley & London having girl time!

monkey on a tractor

Mommy & her little Nanner!

We tried to get a picture of Ryder & Ethan, but they wouldn't cooperate, so they were given cookies... but that backfired as you see - Ethan trying to pull Ryder's cookie out of his mouth!

A little better...

Going out for the night.

We just visited a few friends and called it a night. But it was a fun one.

And after the babes were bathed & sleeping we had a treat! A Pumpkin Tart! mmm...

Happy Fall Y'all! :)

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erin sparks said...

those are some fantastic photos of you all. the kids look A-DORABLE - and B and D you look great too!!