Friday, August 21, 2009

Mommy & Rydie Date

Mommy & Ryder had a fun day out. I figure we won't have too many more days like this with just me & my little guy. So despite the 105 degree heat we got out and had a good day together. I even tried to nap together this afternoon, but that didn't work out too good. He just kept trying to put his paci in my mouth! :) This morning we went to Anthropologie and then had lunch at the Central Market cafe (where Ryder had a serious cheeseburger! No Mickey D's kids meals there!), played on their playground, then shopped for bit. It is "Hatch Chile Festival" time right now. Remember last year's Hatch blog? We did pick up some chiles, so we'll see what we can cook up with them this week. I had to use some serious self restraint at CM today after seeing Julie & Julia yesterday. I have to take a moment to say what a great movie it is. I will buy it - and we don't buy too many movies. I've never been a serious Julia Child fan because I always thought that most of her recipes were a bit out of reach for my skill set & ingredient list, but am now more intrigued and challenged to dive in and try more. Plus seeing the scenery of Paris and the FOOD made me reminiscent of our trip and even more so wanting French food! That said I bought a great piece of cheese today at CM, but kept it to that for now as I don't see my self standing in the kitchen for hours any day soon! :)

So here's some cute pics of my BIG boy on the playground today. He's now doing things that make me a little nervous, but Daniel says I've gotta let him run and fall and get bruises and scrapes cause he's a full out BOY!

An in-action fall... it's all good, he landed in the mulch and jumped up and shook it off like a champ!


Amanda Vilendrer said...

great pictures!! what photo editing software to you use??

-Beth- said...

I just use my iphoto on my computer.

Erin said...

Jay says the same thing and has the same excuse for everything...., "he's a boy"!! Scares me to death though and mine's not even walking yet!