Saturday, August 1, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

While Mommy was at work this morning Daddy & Ryder headed to Home Depot to pick up some stuff for the projects in baby girl's room. When they walked in the workers said, "Oh you must be here for the kids workshop," and pointed them in that direction. (They weren't planning on it, but Daniel thought, hey why not?) So they had their first workshop together! :) Daddy said Ryder LOVED hammering of course, all the women workers loved him and he was really interested in the forklift! They completed the project, a message board/key holder. Ryder loved his apron and insisted on wearing it most of the day today! (Even after nap going and getting it and taking it to Daniel to put back on him!) The best part was seeing him come running in starbucks in it to see me!!!

When we got the finished project out to take a picture with Ryder immediately began hammering on it - just like he knew what to do to it! ha!!

What a fun day they had!

Thursday when Daniel got home from work he was sitting in the bedroom floor playing guitar with Ryder when Ryder decided he really wanted to get INTO the music! So he just crawled right in the case.

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Amanda Vilendrer said...

precious!! He looks like he is at such a fun age.