Sunday, August 16, 2009

Baby Girl gets showered!

This weekend I had my first baby showers and they were really sweet. My parents and Daniel's parents came down. Friday morning I had a Dr's appt - 35 weeks. All is good. Blood pressure was a little high, but they said it was still in the OK range - could have just been the result of getting to my appointment first thing in the morning with Ryder in tow! ha! Friday after my parents got here we left Poppy with Ryder and my mom and I went to get hair & nails done! Daniel's parents got here Saturday morning and the boys hung out while we did the shower thing Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon we got some things together in the baby room... it's getting there.

Saturday my friend Kristin threw me a baby shower for the girls at church.

The adorable cake!!

Me & the moms... we were in conversation here I think...

Me & Lori - we sing on the worship team together and are 3 weeks apart!

Thanks, Kristin, everything was so great! :)

The loot! I got lots of really sweet girly stuff of course! :)

On Sunday the girls at Starbucks had a shower for me! It was fun to actually all sit and talk together about something other than frappacinos or annoying customers! :)
yummy food of course... check out these antipasto skewers...

The amazing cake (and matching cupcakes) that my friend Laurel from MOMS club did! And it was Lemon! ;)

starbucks girls!

Opening Presents! I got more great stuff - plus diapers! :)

Me & my awesome friend Chris who hosted &put all this together! Thanks girls!!!


Becky said...

Beth, your friends are so sweet to do all this for you. You are blessed.....and so is baby girl.

Erin said...

YAY Beth! SO excited for you! You look beautiful...., and those cakes...., amazing!