Monday, August 31, 2009

Baby Girl shower in Dallas!

Friday morning I went to the Dr. for my 36 week appointment. This is the week in my pregnancy with Ryder when everything blew up... my blood pressure, my feet, my legs, the monster baby! ha! So I went to the dr. prepared for the worst, but everything was great! (Blood pressure low and all.) And I was not dilated at all - which was good since we were going away for the weekend! So Friday afternoon we headed home. Saturday our sweet family & friends showered baby girl with lots of sweet goodies!

My girls - Katey, Michelle, me & Rachel.

The adorable cupcakes... I should say, "CupKates" made by Katey! So cute!

Michelle & I

Me & Morgan - due a day apart... I hope she goes into labor a week early so we deliver on the same date! ;)

Michelle feeling baby girl wiggle around in there!


The beautiful quilt that Daniel's mom made for baby girl!

My new rockstar momma diaper bag!

The aunties! We even got Rachel to put her hand on my belly! (This totally freaks her out!)

Me & my Mommie - aka Mimi :)

My dad brought Ryder over at the end of the shower to make an appearance. Auntie Shell got a hug and picture out of him!

Always smiles - or laughs at Rachie! :)

Playing on the floor with Grandma.

Playing with cousin Luke.

We were extremely blessed by the shower & baby girl got lots of ADORABLE stuff! She is definitely going to be a well dressed child!

We're on the countdown now! As ready as my body feels, I'd rather her not come early at this point - but who knows!?! We can only plan these things so much, right? Hopefully we'll have the rest of her room together this week - pics to come!

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