Sunday, May 31, 2009

Summer fun has begun!

Evident by the already scorching heat and the fun activities summer is well under way here! This week Ryder's been into some fun things. I've said before how much he likes to "read" and how he loves his books. This week I just let him go after them and this is what I found one afternoon...

The we played in the backyard and he tried to mow for Daddy.

Friday we went to this big park with a huge sand pit to dig in and "dinosaur" bones to uncover. Then there are water spouts to run through (to turn the sand to mud of course). Had I had the energy or had I known how much Ryder would enjoy the sand pit I would have taken my camera. Let's just say for the first 10 minutes he just sat there looking at my like, "Really, you're gonna let me get this dirty?!?" To which I said, while sitting in the middle of the sand, "Ryder, mommy is not an 'outside' girl, this is not really my sort of thing... but we're here now, so GO for it!"

Yesterday we took him to a friend's neighborhood pool. He'd never been in a pool before. He wasn't really sure about it at first, but once he got a feel for it he loved it! Many more pool days to come in this hot summer ahead - I have a feeling it may be the only way I'm actually comfortable!
Ready with Daddy in his super cool outfit! :)

Watching all the kids in the pool...

In his turtle float, checking things out..

Still not really sure, but getting the hang of it

He got the hang of it, splashed a lot and even kicked his legs.

So cool!

We came home and grilled some burgers and he ate like a little piggy! :)

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