Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We loaded up and headed home for the memorial day weekend. It wasn't as planned to the hour as our trips sometimes are which was nice. We relaxed & got some much needed rest and let Ryder get all the attention in the world from all the family! :) Meanwhile I got to shop, see a movie with Daniel, get pedicures, see girlfriends, etc... just what I needed!!! I didn't have my camera with me the whole time and Ryder spent a lot of time with the Grandparents with out me, but here's a few of the pics I took of the weekend.
Ryder with Grandma and his Aunt Renita, the great! :)

Sunday afternoon we had lunch in preston center and just happened to be next to Sprinkles, so we couldn't resist stopping in for some yummy cupcakes. Our picks of the day - chocolate coconut & carrot cake... mmm.

Ryder on his sugar rush got a little excited about the fountain. (Of course if you saw the previous post you'd think he would always want to get IN the fountain from now on and you're probably right!)
Posing with Mimi & Poppy

With Grandmommie.

It was a good weekend. And Ryder is walking! More and more everyday! He walks about 11-12 steps at a time now before crawling off 10 times as fast! And he does it on his own now here & there (with out being held up and bribed across the room I should say). So the family got to witness his new baby steps this weekend.

Well, back into the swing of things for a while... although I'm excited about the summer and everything ahead.


becallen said...

So much ahead! We enjoyed your visit so much and it was a blessing for all the greats to see Ryder too.

Kathy of the HavinsNest said...

Kristie was 15 months old when Chris was born. She could walk but she preferred to crawl for months after we knew she could walk well.

The more pregnant I got the harder it was to carry her around. I got to where I would take her by the hand and she had to walk beside me.

I remember those times with a combination of fondness and fascination.