Monday, May 4, 2009

'MOMS' weekend out! :)

I left Friday to go to Houston for the night with my MOMS club. It was the yearly regional luncheon. Grammy & Grandpa came down Friday morning to hang out with Ryder. They had a good time and I don't think Ryder missed me for one second! He was completely entertained! :) We hit the road Friday and took a little adventure into the country to make a pit stop for lunch at Royers. It's been on the food network & tons of celebrities have stopped in to have their pie! It was pretty yummy and yes, of course we had pie. :)

Mmm... pie. They have a note on the menu that says there is a 50 cent charge extra if you do NOT want ice cream on your pie :)

Ok, so Chris didn't eat all that - that was the sample platter we shared!

The luncheon was at the Renaissance, so we had a nice over night stay with a girls' dinner out Friday night at a really nice Italian place in Houston called Grotto's. We all had to stop after we got our food and
SLOW down since we are all so used to scarfing our food down while feeding our kids! :) The luncheon on Saturday was full of give aways, food & encouraging speakers. There were 35 chapters represented from our region and it was the 25th anniversary as well. Good times had by all...

We got back home Saturday night and Daniel and I had a date night planned (while Grammy & Grandpa were still here!) to go downtown and see one of our favorite bands, Soulive play at Antone's. We ate a quick dinner and relaxed in a coffee shop a little while before the show started. It was a late show (we felt extremely old out that late and downtown!) but so great and definitely worth it. And I swear the baby was kicking on the beat at one point! ha! :)

In other news: Ryder turned 13 months yesterday! Still not walking, but taking a few steps here and there- he does not seem extremely motivated to get up and go yet! :) He's LOVING strawberries right now (along with his preggo mommy!) A couple weeks ago we ate 4lbs in a week - just me & him! Speaking of pregnant, I will be 20 weeks along on Friday and that's the day we have the big sonogram... so we should know then what the little "it" is! Yay! Whatever it is is nice and active in my tummy these days. I feel the little one kicking all the time!

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Becky said...

Beth, Ryder missed you terribly. ;)