Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a wonderful Mother's Day. It was a pretty normal weekend for us really. Work, a night at home (always nice with our schedule), church, etc. Although starting off the weekend Friday morning with the sonogram was the best mother's day gift ever! :) And I did go out and buy my first "girl" purchase: little bright pink suede booties! I had not bought one girl thing and wouldn't even let myself look because I was sure it was another boy, but Friday afternoon I went in Marshall's and walked straight to the baby girl section! :)

Daniel & Ryder made me feel super special. Saturday night Daniel came in with Ryder carrying roses! He was smiling & smelling of them. And I've been promised a new body pillow to get me and baby through this summer with ease. :) Yesterday we had a good morning at church, a yummy lunch with friends (with a happy, well-behaved baby through it all), a husband to work in the yard while I napped in the afternoon & a snickers sonic blast to end the night on the couch! :)

Even though we didn't get to be with our mothers & grandmothers yesterday I felt so blessed to celebrate mother's day with my sweet husband, sweet baby boy, & sweet baby girl in my tummy! I thought back to last year - it was Ryder's first trip home. He was 5 weeks old and we got to introduce him to the whole family. Never did I imagine a year later I'd be celebrating with another little one growing inside of me! ha! I feel like now (only a year into motherhood) I can appreciate all of our mothers & grandmothers SO much more than ever before! So to all of you in our lives... we love you more than we could possibly say & appreciate everything you have done & still do for us!

Happy Mother's Day to my "mothers" and all the mothering friends around me! Love to you all...

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becallen said...

We missed you but it was an awesome day! Our first guests arrived at 12:30 and with no babies in the house, we lingered at the table and had adult conversation over dessert. The second sitting began at 5:00 with all the moms and someday moms at one big table. The dads took care of the kids and waited on us and it was greatness. After some more adult conversation the final guests left a little after 11:00. Full day with great food and wonderful company. We missed you but I'm glad you had a wonderful day too.