Thursday, April 23, 2009

Into Everything!

Little Mister is into EVERYTHING these days. And fast as can be. Yesterday morning he was crawling away from me toward the bedroom and I said, "Ryder, Come back! Now!" And I heard his little legs go into super speed the opposite direction. As I went after him he crawled into my bedroom and slamed the door behind him and then I heard this tiny little high pitch laugh from the other side of the door!!! I open the door and he's standing there laughing... how can I get mad?!?

Then last night he had a nice fall and banged his head into the pointy corner of one of his wooden chairs. I, of course freaked out, it swelled up immediately and Daniel had to tell me to calm down. While I'm all worked up Daniel tries to put ice on it and Ryder starts laughing... guess he was fine! :) This fall was caused because he saw me eating something and basically lunged towards it!

So to round things out this morning I went into the other room to brush my teeth. I could hear him playing with his toys the whole time, I come back in a couple minutes later and find him sitting on the fire place with his hand in the fireplace with hand-fulls of stuff all over him. I gasped and then
thought, oh well I might as well grab the camera! So here he is (knowing he's in trouble) trying to get away from his mess...


Erin said...

What a cutie...., even when he's in trouble!! I guess this is what I have to look forward to in a few months huh? Seriously, he's adorable!

Lisa said...

I've said it often, but I'll say it again--I love all your pics, but the one of Ryder tweeking away is my favorite this time. You all look great and so happy!