Saturday, August 2, 2008

so many changes

Seems like Ryder is changing SO much lately. He will be 4 months tomorrow!!! (I promise a video of some sort!) He's really liking bath time now. He just stares at himself in the mirror and smiles at us and laughs while we bathe him. This week he got a little bubble bath with a bubble mohawk and tried out his robe Mimi got him...

He has also seemed to discover his FEET... he just grabs them and stares at his toes. He'd probably put them in his mouth, but his fat little belly is in the way! :)

And when Daniel was feeding him today while I was at work he started holding his own bottle! (Daniel took a picture- he knew I wouldn't believe it!)

Last night we just got in the car with nothing in mind and ended up eating dinner by the lake at a casual place with live music. Ryder had not really slept all day, but was so interested in everything he had to stay awake and see what was going on. Then we just drove around the lake and watched the texas sunset.

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