Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Women of Faith, Woman of 50!

This was an even BUSIER weekend! We headed to Dallas for the weekend for a couple reasons. One being my mom's 50th birthday party & also to go to the women of faith conference. I went NON stop all weekend! When we got in Friday I got some party stuff together and then went to meet my mom & her church group to go downtown for the conference. Michelle & Rachel came too... here we are late Friday night riding the dart back, possibly a little delirious.

The conference was really great. Good music, speaking, comedy, etc. I told my mom it makes what I think is my crazy day to day life seem normal. Helps you realize there are lots of women, moms, wives doing the same crazy things... looking for pacifiers, cooking dinner one handed, cleaning up poop & spit up, working at an outside job you don't really want to do and trying to keep Jesus at the top of all those things! While I was at the conference Ryder hung out with daddy and the grandparents & his aunties. So as soon as the conference was over Saturday we HAULED it to get back cause it was party time! Like I said I was a little overwhelmed and by the time everyone got there I was a little out of it so these pictures are random at best!

I worked hard and planned ahead to make the decorations "pretty" - no OVER the HILL as requested by the birthday girl! :)

Yes, the chocolate fountain made an appearance & I think it was a hit once again.

Daddy praying over the bountiful array of desserts! mmm...

Mommie & her cake!

Ryder got passed around all night and he loved it... here he is with Aunt Robin...

and "aunt" katey... (yes, I know he's in different outfits!)

Daniel...my secret party planning weapon! He made the coffee punch & it was a hit :)

Ryder & Trapper got to "play" for the first time!!! We laid them in the floor and here's what happened: First, trapper here is trying to bite Ryder... typical Rohde! ha! (You see Chad & I used to bite each other when we were little so I found this quite amusing!) Meanwhile Ryder would rather eat his shirt.

"Hey Trapper, why's everyone standing around staring at us in the floor?"

"Hey Ryder, let's hold hands and see how many pictures your mommy will take?"

"Alright, that's enough, it's on!"

Overall it was a great birthday party. Lots of people came and there was lots of sugar for sure! :) Happy 50th, Mommie, we love you... here's to 50 more!

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