Monday, August 11, 2008

A busy weekend.

Friday we went out in the HOT texas heat to run some errands... Ryder prepares to face the heat! :)

Ryder having some "tummy time" Friday night while watching his FIRST Olympics!

Saturday we had a special delivery... a PIANO! A friend a work was moving to go to college and her family was moving as well and needed to give away their piano... so we said yes please, we'll take it! It's not everyday you're offered a piano!!

Saturday night we went downtown to Zilker Park to see Beauty and the Beast. It was good - despite the lack of grass to lay on due to the TX drought & the 100 yr old pecan tree loosing a branch and smashing some cars in the parking lot! (Yep, crazy!) We went by Central Market on the way and got some fun picnic food and I can say it was the first time Ryder showed major interest in food - he was practically ripping my sandwich out of my hand and then he went for the Pirate's Booty... (hey, at least he knows good snacks). Daddy & Ryder watch the show and relax on the blanket...

mommy's little peanut

Saturday night late Sarah & her friend stopped to stay a couple nights on the way back from camp. So Sunday afternoon we went to Hula Hut on the lake.

And then Ryder had to show off his new toy - a jumper! He loves it. More to come on that later (let's just say he fell asleep standing up in it yesterday)!!

And a little update: Ryder had his 4 month dr appt today and he weighs about 17 pounds is just under 26 in. and is in the 80th % for his age. He also got 5 shots, poor thang! :(

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Amanda Vilendrer said...

I am loving the blogs and videos of your little man! It gives me a good idea of what to look forward to in another few months. PS- Bradley had to get 4 shots yesterday and I cried more than he did!!