Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Ryder's first sort-of meal.
Tonight we tried to give Ryder some rice cereal for the first time. The dr said now days they say nursing babies don't need to start cereal/baby food till 6 months, but between now and then we can start to experiment with cereal and see what he does if we want. So since he's been SO interested in my food lately (smacking lips, watching intently, grabbing!) I thought tonight we'd give it a shot and see what he did. He did eat a few bites and was pretty curious at first, but I think we'll be waiting a while to add it to our daily feeding schedule for sure! I'd upload the video.. but it was pretty boring even for me, so I'll spare you and just post a few cute pics! Here he is: Daddy's getting him all ready while Mommy mixes the cereal.

Mmm... something new, might be interesting...

What is this? And why is it all over my face?

Ok. That's enough I'll just chew on my hand for now!

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