Monday, July 7, 2008

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

He's 3 Months! How did that happened???

Ryder now being 3 months is in a constant state of discovery! He's finding new things every day and realizing the things he can now do. First, he's discovered his voice!! He just randomly bursts into a long phrase of cooing and then smiles and laughs very pleased with himself. Last week I found him having a whole "conversation" with his stuffed monkey. Next, he's discovered Rocky. From the beginning Rocky was of course intrigued with Ryder, but Ryder paid him no attention...until now. Ryder just sits and stares at Rocky and just this weekend Ryder grabbed a hold of Rocky's leg and held it and lifted it - just checking him out! He's also began grabbing on to things. Up until this week he wasn't too interested in his toys or anything, but he's started grabbing on to them and holding them. This includes his pacifier which usually gets stuck on his finger and he can't figure out how to get it back in his mouth. AND he definitely knows who his Mommy & Daddy are! He lights up when Daniel comes home from work and his eyes follow me all around the room when we're out somewhere.

He's so sweet and it's just amazing to watch how they change every single day.

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Pmimmy said...

He's so cute!!! Thanks for doing this. I love reading about how you guys are doing and what Ryder is up to. :-)